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Thursday, August 30, 2012
Hi Guys!! The site will be UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR TODAY.

Behind The Seams : Honey Bee Originals

The world is so full of care and sorrow that it is a gracious debt we owe to one another to discover the bright crystals of delight hidden in somber circumstances and irksome tasks

-Helen Keller 1880-1968

I am Sure Helen Keller was making reference to a different Crystal in her famous quote . Crystals are said to possess amazing powers , they are even able to heal certain ailments . If you are a lover of Jewelery , I am sure sparkly crystals will brighten any dull day:-) Today Haute People goes "Behind The Seams" with Melissa Palma a well known South Florida Jewelry designer  of Honey Bee Originals, who specializes in Swarovski Crystals. All the pieces are handmade and are timeless yet trendy are are sure to last forever . This line currently carries : Bracelets , Necklaces and Clutches. If you are more of a Classic "Girly Girl" , you will love this line.

H.P: How long have you been a Jewelry Designer ? 
M.P: I have been designing for 8 years now.

H.P: What do you love most about Jewelry Design? 
M.P: Stepping outside the box, designing classic pieces that is accommodating to all age ranges. 

H.P: How would you describe your products/line? 
M.P:Unique, timeless, classic, and very glitzy! 

H.P: Describe the general process you go through to design a unique piece of Jewelry. 
M.P: I like to connect with my customers, after the order is placed, I do communicate with them, asking wrist or neck size. My pieces are made to fit the person it is for. 

H.P: What was it like when you sold your first piece of Jewelry ?
M.P: It was amazing! Knowing someone out there would be wearing something I designed, and loves it as much as I do, makes me a very happy girl. 

H.P: How would you describe/ Define your personal style? 
M.P:Classy with the right amount of sexy. I most definitely do not like to blend in. I like to design, make, and wear my own clothes too.

H.P: Finish the sentence ... I cannot live without my .....
M.P: Honey Bee Originals accessories, of course! ;)

Check Out the Photos Below to See More of Melissa's Work

4 Seasons Patchwork Clutch

Sunshine Bracelet

One Love Clutch

One Love Bracelet

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Product Review : Avocado with Cholesterol Conditioning Cream

Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Hi Guys ! Today i will be reviewing a product i recently bought at Cherrys's Hair and More" , and yes i actually bought these products , I'm not getting paid for any of the Cherry's Reviews . I bought a lot of hair stuff from them and i'm just excited to share them with you . I'm just happy that there is a Hair store in the mall itself now.

This product is from the Pearl Collection Line. It actually came with another product that i will be reviewing next week in a sample size .

It came in a really small 2 onze  hard plastic jar ( as shown above). First of all , i love the way it smells !!! It kinda reminds me of Guacamole ( kinda) .This product is ideal for dry , brittle damaged hair . It promises to restore hair by making it softer and more manageable .

The texture is kinda like Jello pudding , no joke !

Soo , this is a deep conditioning treatment for wet hair . What you do is , after shampooing your hair , you'd massage it onto your scalp and work it all the way down to the strands of your hair , then leave in for 10-15 minutes . There is another option which involves a steaming cap and you do all the steps however the time would be from 20-25 minutes . I did the first option because i hate long hair treatments . I was surprised to know that this little product is so potent.
It made my hair really soft and moisturized ... Annnnnnnnd!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's "Weave" friendly :-)) I know quite often women will have problems finding the right products to maintain their weaves without spending a huge amount of cash . I higly recommend this product to anyone who is on a budget and looking for a really effective product.

Whats "Haute" Now ? Hand chain

Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Hi Guys ! Today we will be looking at a very interesting emerging trend that's so "Haute " now. I'm talking about the "Hand Chain".

The "Hand Chain" , is simply a chain for your hand :-) If you love wearing chains or multiple bracelets on your hand , this will be the perfect accessory for you. There come in different styles and metals ( gold and silver) . While doing research on this trend , i kept hearing about "Caggie Dunlop ".

 So Just to give you a little info on who she is in case you stumble on her . She is a British Reality Actress of "Made In Chelsea"( ( The British Equivalent of The Hills) and Girlfriend of Harry Styles from One Direction  So i guess she's pretty huge in the U.K. Legend has it that when Caggie appeared in an episode of the show in her hand chain bracelet , it sold out completely at Urban Outfitters  Check out these pictures Below:

Will you Subscribe to this Hot Trend?

This Vs That : Dove / Secret Deodorant

Monday, August 27, 2012
Hi Guys! It was a bit of a scary weekend here in Jamaica , Hurricane Isaac almost hit us but we were spared. Of course I'm sure there were parts of the Island that suffered more than others , and to those people my heart goes out to you .

Today , I'll be looking at Dove and Secret Deodorants . In High school all i used was Secret Deodorant . I guess this was because Secret was soooo "over" advertised . I was never interested in the traditional "roll-on" that my friends used ,  it was always Secret. Recently , in my "adult" life i discovered Dove . Dove was always famous for their "soaps that were not really soaps" . But then they did lotions , re-launched their deodorants , - re-branded , make shampoos and conditioners , chocolate and even ice -cream. Before this intro gets any longer , i'll jump right into it :-)

Dove Deodorant

The thing is love most about Dove Products , is that they are less expensive than secret ( well not in Jamaica)  I started using this product around University . I loved the "soaps" and how moisturizing they are , so i was hoping that the deodorant would be just as good . I must say , i was pleasantly surprised . They are scented , but they are mild . The great thing about this product is that they don't come in clear gels , but they are like "semi clear " i would say . They don't leave that weird white cakey looking thing once you apply it and it lasts all day! Of course this depends on how much your perspire , but if you are like me and don't really sweat alot , then its a great product to use . I usually use the ones from their "Go Fresh" line or the traditional ones like Powder or Fresh .

Secret Deodorant

Secret ... Oh Secret . As i said , I've been a Secret user for years (until i discovered Dove) . I have a love hate relationship with this product . I love the fact that its  "highly fragranced"  , believe it or not , i don't use perfumes , so this is great for me . However , i feel like they went and added a few extra bucks to this product . Sure its a great product , but its too expensive . In Jamaica for example its almost $700.00 JMD for one that size shown above , that's crazy!!!  I'm honestly confused by this product now. They are sooooo many variations . I'm glad that they try to include everyone and their different conditions , but do i really need to spend like 15 minutes just standing in a store looking at deodorants trying to make a decision? Also , sometimes when i use the "Ooh la la lavendar" , i get this weird rash under my arm :-( What's up with that . Then is stop using it ... no rash .

What is your favorite deodorant ? Is it any of the lines from Dove or Secret?

Product Review : Every Strand Keratin Polisher ( For Chemically Treated Hair)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Today , i will be reviewing a product i recently bought from Cherrys Hair and More , here in Jamaica. Cherry's is a beauty supply store and they actually just opened a store in the Springs Plaza , right towards the end on the same side as " Maxie Department Store" main  entrance. The exact address is Shop #20 The Springs Plaza.

Before i get into the review , let me give you some information about this brand as i am sure most of you might not be familiar with it .

Every Strand Keratin Hair Polisher is an alcohol-free, salon quality formula. It's designed to shine, seal, soften and moisturize your hair fiber by fiber. Helps eliminate frizzies, split-ends as well as prevent breakage and color fading making your hair positively more manageable. 

This information is from the actual bottle.

 The Product

The product comes in a clear pink and white bottle . There are three versions : Chemically Treated Hair , Aloe Vera Hair Polisher and the Lacio Plus Creme. I use this product "dry"  because there is an option to use it on wet hair as well . First of all , i should let you know this product  is a clear liquid and its really thick , therefore , "a little goes an extremely looong way". I simply take a small amount, rub it in my hands and  smooth it on my hair to get that polished look . I love the fact that this product actually gives sheen , but it tends to stay on my hair . Asin , you can see it just laying there on the surface .  I also did not like the fact that it does not last long , i'd say i get like 4 hours of this product and i'd have to re-apply again . The pricing was another factor compared to other popular brands , this product was $585 dollars ( almost $600.00 J.M.D) . I'm guessing that is because of the name "Keratin" plastered on the bottle . Everyone gets "jittery" when they hear Keratin , because its is  suppose to be a long lasting product.

I must say however , that i loved the smell . It had a really fresh strawberry scent that is needed on those days where you really don't feel like washing your hair .


For best results , follow the directions on the bottle. Also , buy the product that is for your specific hair type .

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What's 'Haute" Now : Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hi Guys! Today its all about Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta . I literally just got into this show because i was actually looking for that same one with Kimbella and Erica to come back . Anyway , drama "Tun Up" . I'm not too keen on all the names ... but there are a few characters that stand out .I'm talking about that crazy love triangle baby mama drama with Stevie J , Joseline and Mimi. At first i thought  Mimi was married to Stevie J , because of how she was acting , but then i found out that she is just the "baby mama".

I personally think she should move on with her life , she knows that Stevie J is and will always be a liar , so i don't get why its a surprise to her .

 As for Ms Joseline .. i like how brazen and confident she is . On her styling however , i think she either:
a ) Needs to get a stylist
b) Change the current stylist .

She looks waaaaaaaaay better once she's "fully clothed" and takes off all those accessories that literally clash with each other .

Are you feeling this season of Love and Hip Hop? Who is your favorite character?


This Vs That : Elle vs Vogue Magazine

Monday, August 20, 2012
Hi Guys! Today i will be comparing 2 of my favorite magazines : Elle and Vogue . Firstly , i love the fact that both magazines are 'High Fashion" magazines and of course they both have great editorials . Let's jump into it shall we.

ELLE Magazine

Elle is more of a Lifestyle Magazine. It has features such as : Fashion , Trends , Beauty and Celebrity Styling. When i think of ELLE , i think of "The Devil Wears Prada", ( I know people would say Vogue) its so exclusive  . I feel sooo "privileged" just reading it . I love the writing and how formal yet fun it can be . Another thing i find commendable about this magazine, is that it gives a voice to the Young Fashionistas in the "biz", they sometimes feature up and coming people who are not really "celebrities" but have a passion for fashion. Did i say how much i love the editorials?

Best thing about this magazine : The contents page starts at page 14 -16 or some where about there unlike other high fashion magazines where there are like 50 pages before you get to the "juicy stuff".

VOGUE Magazine

I honestly buy this magazine just for the editorials , sure i can't afford most of the things in it , but i like seeing them ( a girl can dream right? )  They always have really good high quality pictures and the print ads alone would make you buy stuff you don't actually need ... yeah its that good .

I however don't like the fact that the contents page starts somewhere around page 44 . That's literally 44 pages of just ads before you can get to what the issue of the month will feature. I know in other countries , there is like a standard rate for magazines , but here in Jamaica , the price changes like every month and Vogue is always more expensive . They also have  "Vogue Insiders" which is a really interactive online feature where you have access to new trends and products by taking part in their surveys .

Which High Fashion Magazine do you like best Elle or Vogue ?

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Product Review : I &K Human Hair Silky Weave ( Dark Ash Brown) from

Saturday, August 18, 2012
If you have been an avid reader of my blog , you would have noticed the Hairtrade Blogger Partnership Badge towards the top right of my page . This program allows me to receive one of their wonderful products every 3 months to share my views with all you "Haute" people. This month's product is the "I & K Human Hair Silky Weave in Dark Ash Brown . I picked this particular hair because I've never used a silky weave before and i really wanted to see what the Texture was like as well as the wear-ability and i was also intrigued by the name of the colour :-)

( Hair packaging in long box)

The hair was packaged nicely in this "long box" and came in a plastic protective bag with a gold paper base bearing the company hair and logo .

I chose the 14 " I&K Human Hair Silky Weave (Dark Ash Brown) . This hair comes in 3 lengths 14 " (G.D.P -34.99) , 18" (G.D.P 49.99) , 22 (G.D.P 54.99)  all prices Inc. Vat. It is made of 100 % human  hair and can be cut , colored , straightened and curled. This product took two weeks to get to Jamaica from the U.K , but I'm sure the time will differ depending on where you are in the world of course .

The hair comes in a myriad of colors from light to dark or vice versa depending on where you would fall on the color spectrum , there is a hair for everybody.

The Texture

I've always heard people talking about their "dream hair" , and i can now say .... "I've found my dream hair" . The texture of this hair is soooo soft and silky. It feels like really healthy freshly processed hair . The thing i like the most about this hair is that it doesn't need a lot of product to make it look good . I did a regular sew in and leaving out some of my own hair and it blended really nicely with my own hair . I was actually really scared to try this texture because I've stop processing my own hair ( apart from my leave- out" that i flat iron) . I was scared that I'd have that nice silky " goddess " hair in the back , then at the front people would be able to tell where my own hair stopped  ... but it blends really well . Another thing i love about the hair was that i did not come with that "factory smell" , you know that weird plastic , chemical smell? It smelled like ... hair ... really clean normal hair.

( Picture showing Hair Texture)
Look how Pretty and Silky that is

I like the fact that the hair came with a "Hair extensions Aftercare Guide and Hair Extensions FAQ . This is great because it helps people who are just starting out with hair to get the best out of their purchase. Also included in this guide is a Styling Hair Extensions sections which gives tips on how to style the hair for best results .

Because I'm 5'1 the hair is like "boob length" or a little over and from the back it rests a few inches above my waist.
It holds curls really well even without product.

Tangling and Shedding

This hair gives minimal shedding. I got this hair installed on Saturday which makes it 7 days and i literally only saw like 6 strands from that time ... NO JOKE. I was wondering if this hair was  ... real . I pulled on it and did the "finger comb through" and it was all good . As for the Tangling ... none ... it doesn't tangle ( this is a 100 % tangle free name and it does meet those standards). I put this hair through "The Gauntlet" . I went on the road on Saturday (which was really hot btw) , i was on the road for like 5 hours with the hair down and it just stayed in place . After that , i went to do some cleaning , pulled the hair up and it was good . I usually also tie my hair at night and pull my hair in a bun ... ( that is my ultimate test for hair) When i let down the hair ... it was still straight !! There wasn't that weird "flip" or "wave in the hair , it was just straight and silky .


I would recommend getting two packs of  hair if you plan to do a full head weave , because of its silky texture , i find that it's not really alot.

Also, the hair color was a lot lighter than it was on the website. I'm guessing this has to do with the P.C Display and the Resolution setting . For this , i would recommend ordering a sample first so that you can see how it looks . In artificial lighting it looked like a really dark brown , but in the sunlight it looked like a dark brown with a golden "ashy" look to it .

Please visit
for purchasing and shipping information about this product.

My Bloggerversary

Friday, August 17, 2012
Hi Guys ! I'm Super excited because coming September ... like this September .. it will be 1 year since I've been blogging . That is auh mazing to me ... I will be having a Give-A-Way ... of some of the brands I've featured :-) So you guys are in for a treat . The next few weeks leading up to the "Big Day" will be my promotion period where i will be dropping subtle hints as to who the sponsors will be for the event.

2 Girls and a Dream : Huxton ( Fashion For Free Living)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Huxton is the feminine clothing label of Rebecca Pickard and Joanna Lingham. This company is based in London and was founded in September 2011. Huxton came about when the girls realised that their day jobs had soon become un-fulfilling. The logo of Huxton is the Wolf which represents a certain feminine strength,which lies within instincts and courage. 

"The wolf is a daily reminder to continue to follow our dreams"

 Like with any good business, there has to be a solid foundation. The basis of this label is the long standing friendship of these 2 best friends. Rebecca and Joanna have been best friends since childhood and have always had a similar taste in just about everything, therefore, their transition to business partners was a lot easier.

Rebecca and Joanna have no formal training in design so they surrounded themselves with experts in the industry to create the brand. The look of Huxton designs are bold and eye-catching, and for women who are “non- conformists” as it relates to Fashion. A Huston woman is strong, independent and dares to take life in her own hands. All the designs are created in limited quantities and are of high quality. The designs are unique and new pieces are constantly being added so that customers will have new pieces to choose from every month. These new pieces are announced every month via the Huxton newsletter. If you are a subscriber, you would have had the chance to be a part of the “Huxton World”.

Joanna is based in the UK and is the stylist for Huxton as well as managing all of the promotion and sales for Huxton and Rebecca is based in South East Asia between Vietnam and Bali where she manages all production aspects.

See Below for more pictures from Huxton

Huxton ships worldwide and charges a flat rate of G.D.P 10.00 for International Shipping , Click the Link Below for more information

Click Here For The Website

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