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How to Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Hi Guys! I generally write my posts for the "Everyday Female" who likes nice trendy things but is not really able to splurge on all designer labels. Every now and again , i believe that as women you should treat yourself to something really nice and expensive . One such thing can be a Louis Vuitton Bag. Note : Its pronounced "Louie Vuitton . Let's Jump into it now shall we .

First tip before we start " Never buy your bag from Amazon or E-Bay !!!! Yes there are a few of them that are real. Try to buy from the actual store itself , either online or the ground store

Louis Vuitton is a French Luxury goods company that was founded in 1854 . It started making packing goods ( suitcases) for Rich People when taking Steam Trains were Fashionable . They wanted to create something that could withstand all elements of weather and time , but still looks fashionable. As time went by , they started to create more items such as handbags and belts and so much more . Because Louis Vuitton has created so many variations of their brand , i will look at the very popular and classic Speedy Bag.

1.The Monogram : An authentic monogram pattern should start a-symmetrically . The "L" should sit at the bottom with the "V" slightly above it. This is followed by a flower ( fleur di lis) , then a circle with a flower inside , and "LV" again. Then going across , it starts with the "Fleur di Lis " ( the single star looking flower) , then the circle with the flower in it . The bag patterning should also be symmetrical . For example , if at the top corner you see the "Fleur di Lis" , if you follow it , the other corner should end with the same "Fleur di Lis". The same rule is applied going across. If you put the bag on its side , the pattern should reflect a mirror image.

2. The "LV" pattering. There should be an upside- down "LV" on one side of your authentic Speedy , because Louis Vuitton uses one continuous of piece leather that wraps around to make the bags. Because its a continuous piece of leather , there will never be a seam. That explains why the bottom of the bag is "shapeless"

3. Stitching and Handles :  On the handle , there will always be 5 stitches going across . All authentic Speedys have a mustard yellow stitching , while the knockoffs have a bright yellow stitching.
Every bag handle starts out with a very pale beige color . However , as time goes by , it starts to darken . This is because a special oxidizing cow hide leather that darkens over time was used. Also , the trim around the handle is a burgundy color , but over time it darkens. Fake bags have a bright red and it stays the same.

4. Hardware : On authentic bags , the hardware is brass . However , it turns bronze over time. Also , around the brass , you should see a greenish color . This is because the air oxidizes with the brass over time  , creating that hue.

5. Lining : All authentic Spreedys should have a brown canvas lining on the inside.

6. Date Stamp Code :  The date coding can be found behind the inside pocket of the bag . Please note that these numbers actually mean something and are not just randomly placed. The indentation on either side as well as the spacing should be even.  There are 6 digits. Here is where it gets tricky.The first two letters represents the country of origin ( Germany , Spain , USA , France and Italy). The first and third digits represent the month and the third and fourth digit represent the year. 

7. Louis Vuitton bags are never on sale . It is a LUXURY brand and prices will generally start as low as 450 pounds . Never believe websites that have sale on Louis Vuitton Sales . Its prob a knockoff.

I know this seems like a whole lot to look for in a bag , but this is a really really expensive bag , who wants to spend a huge sum of money on something that's fake? Also , if you buy your Louis Vuitton bag in store and it has a problem , don't be afraid to take it back in exchange for a new bag!!!

***If you decide to purchase your bag online , you will be able to personalize it in various ways ***

I hope that this post has helped at least ONE person today. If you feel that i have left something out that you know is one of the ways to spot a fake , please share. Also , feel free to ask me questions via e-mail or leave your comments below .

Skintervention : Dealing with Heat Rash

Monday, July 30, 2012
Hi Guys! Today is the last of the Skintervention series . Series like this generally run for a month. So , with that being said , we will be looking at Heat Rash . I don't know about anybody else , but I usually get crazy heat rash at the onset of Summer . Below , you will find some tips that works for me as well as a professional one that work to help you deal with Heat Rash.

What is Heat Rash

A rash that appears on parts of the body , that is usually covered by clothing. These rashes are red or pink in general ( however if you have a darker skin tone , it will be the color of your skin).

How is it Caused ?

  1. When people dress too warmly in hot weather .
  2. When the sweat ducts become blocked , and eventually become swollen thereby causing discomfort and of course itching.

How to Control it

  1. Air Dry instead of using a towel . Your skin needs time to breath.
  2. Try to wear less clothing. I'm not telling you to go naked ,but if you wear an inside shirt , then a long sleeve shirt over that , maybe you could skip the inside shirt and roll the sleeves of the shirt.
  3. Use medicated Powder . I cannot tell you how auh mazing this is. Not only does it soothe the itching , but it smells so good. I'm currently using "Ammens Medicated Aloe Vera Powder" . They are generally inexpensive and can be found anywhere.
  4. Drink lots of  water!!!
The Professional Way 

Visit your Dermatologist if you've tried every method possible and you still have heat  Rash. It could be that you have another skin condition such as "eczema " , which you might think is Heat Rash. Its always good to get a Professional Consultation when it comes to matters of the skin.

Please , share any tips and advise you have as it relates to controlling Heat Rash. Oh! And my Jamaican Massive , its not called  EACH RASH !!! If you go to a Dr. and say you have "Each Rash" , they will look at you for a good 5 minutes trying to figure out what it is you are making reference to.

Pretty Polishes : Santee Nail Lacquer

Saturday, July 28, 2012
Hi Guys! I know its pretty unusual for me to post on a Saturday but i just wanted to share a quick little post with you. Yesterday i was doing my usual little shopping for "random stuff" and i found the most interesting little collection of Nail Polishes called : Santee. These colors are electrifying and i would describe them as "mixed" colours. I actually picked up 3. These are :  Neon Pink , Beach Blue and Base Coat.

Sea Blue

I've been wanting a blue nail polish that's not really  "blue". This looks like an "aqua" blue. It has hints of Green in it.

Base Coat

It looks like a Nude, but its actually not. It goes on really clear and it actually makes a difference with the application of each Polish.

Neon Pink

The Camera did not capture this color in all its essence. This is a really bright pink with hints of orange. ( I'm actually wearing this color on my finger nails right now and i love it).

These nail polishes are not streaky , but they are a bit light. I would say its best when you apply 2 coats and also use the base coat. I actually painted one hand with just the Neon Pink , and the other with the Base Coat plus the Neon Pink , and that hand had a glossier look.

These are available at Monarch Pharmacy in Mall Plaza in the Cosmetics section for $142 .

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Thursday, July 26, 2012
Hi Haute Lovers :-) Please "like" my FB Page . I'm trying to reach 100 likes by September. Lets make it happen :-)

Behind The Seams : Vintage 1804

In 1804 Dessalines read the Act of Independence for the first time for Haiti , declaring it as a free nation , free from Slavery. Most of you may or may not know that Haiti was the first predominantly black society in the "new world" to claim their  Independence. 

In 2012 Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with Roe Michel, designer for Vintage 1804.

H.P: How long have u been designing
R.M: I've probably been designing my entire life without noticing it. For the sake of this interview, I'd say 1999.

H.P: What inspired your line
R.M: I wanted to create a quality clothing line that my comrades and I could be proud of wearing. It had to be fashionable, provocative, sarcastic, sophisticated and motivating. The designs are mostly built around “vintage themes” and motivating verses. Why the name Vintage1804? The Vintage part came from my love for all things vintage, classic or antique. This includes fashion, automobiles, artworks, music, pistols, swords, sepia, black and white photography and my love of poetry. 
The 1804 part came from the motivation that I feel when I think of the perseverance and tenacity that it required for the Haitian slaves in Saint Dominque to start and see the Haitian Revolution (1791-1804) through. Ending slavery and establishing Haiti as the first republic  ruled by people of African ancestry in the New World.

H.P: How would you describe your personal style?
R.M: I would describe Vintage1804 style as calm, 

sophisticated, classic and fashionable.

Vintage 1804 specializes in male and female tanks, tees and polos.

Check out these amazing designs from Vintage 1804.

To purchase these tees and more, please visit
Please also check out their FB page , and "like" it

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HairSay : Summer Hair Trends

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Today , we will be looking at some of the popular "Hair Trends" for Summer.

Ombre Hair : This emerged in Spring 2012 and is still going strong for Summer. This trend involves creating a sort of cascading color effect , where you go from light to dark or vice versa.

The High Bun : Lauren Conrad rocked this look on the cover of her book "Style" by Lauren Conrad and it caaught on and people are still wearing this trend now. Evelyn , from " Basketball Wives" tweaked this style a bit , by adding a bang.

The Petite Pompadour : This is like a toned down version of the Mohawk. It is softer more classic and has a retro feel to it.

Pastel Dip Dye Hair: This is a lot similar to the Ombre Trend. However instead of using a subtle color , a bright color such as pink or even green is used.

The Peak- a Boo Braid : This is where a braid is infused into your regular hairstyle. Again , this trend was started by Lauren Conrad , where she was known for her french braid , which she always seemed to add to however her hair was styled on "The Hills".

Please let me know what your favorite hair trend will be for this Summer. Do you see it on my list?

BB Cream! Whats all the "Hooplah" About?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
BB Cream This .... BB Cream That. BB Creams are everywhere and seem to be the latest frenzy in the Beaut Industry. What the heck is a BB Cream anyway?

Officially know an Blemish/Beblesh Balm , is an all in one cosmetic beauty and skincare product that can act as : Foundation, Concealer, Moisturizer , Sunblock and the list goes on. Dermatologists initially used it to help laser surgery patients protect , sooth and regenerate their extremely sensitive skin to provide full coverage for the post laser scars. Korean cosmetic companies heard about this "magic" cream , realized its business potential and came up with their own formula to make the stuff. The version that is available to the "public" is suited for various types of skin. Some of the benefits of the BB Cream are :

  • It produces a very natural "no make-up" look.
  • Hides all types of pigmentation, discoloration , acne and other skin conditions .
  • Although it gives perfect coverage , it won't clog your pores.
  • It saves Time  ( see the video below)

The only drawback I've found so far is that the product was not really targeted for darker skin tones. Based on my research , I'm seeing that Smashbox,Garnier and Maybelline carries shades for darker skin tones. But ! these shades are just in "dark/deep" or "dark/deep medium". There are waaaaaaaaaaay more types of dark skin tones than that. Please correct me if I'm wrong and you are a "soul sister" and can name a brand that carries a shade that fits you specifically.

Don't be afraid to leave your comments , let's learn together :-)

I Do Not Own The Rights to this Video , it is the sole property of BRTC store , check them out on YouTube

Skintervention : Combating "Combo Skin"

Monday, July 23, 2012
Hi Guys ! I am so glad i made it through another hectic week. For Today, we will be talking about "Combo Skin". As I always say "We are all different and therefore have different needs". I chose this skin type because it is the most problematic.

What is Combo Skin?
"When two or more skin types occurs on the face at the same time" , this condition is known as "combination skin". Let's say for example , your nose is dry and flaky and your cheeks are oily.

What Causes Combo Skin ?
There are a number of different factors that can cause combo skin. For each of these factors, the causes are of course different for everyone. The T-Zone (forehead, nose ,chin) are the most susceptible areas.

  • Skincare Products : Sometimes we might use products that contain certain ingredients that are considered to be irritants. These ingredients over work to speed up oil production, while at the same time causing the skin to become dry and flaky.
  • Hormonal Factors : Especially during menstruation in women. As you know the skin goes crazy around this time.
  • Environmental Humidity and Fluctuation : This is based on the weather depending on how hot and cold it is and how unpredictable it can be. For example in Jamaica , in May it is extremely hot , then its rainy , then windy. All these conditions affect the skin significantly.

  • Cleansing : Use a mild cleanser on your entire face for at least 2 times daily.
  • Balancing : Use products that contain Salicylic Acid , which are great for removing surface oils. Try products like Strivectin and Plexion Pads.
  • Moisturizing : Focus on the dry areas. Moisturizer should be used at least twice daily.
  • When applying Make-Up , use a foundation that is for combination skin.
  • Toner should be used over the T-Zone but be careful to avoid the dry areas.

Taking care of Combination takes a lot of time and dedication. Because it is such a unique condition , it is great to get all the information on it and the best ways to control it. Remember , we are all totally different and have totally different needs; some of the methods I've listed might work for some and not for others. For better results , please consult a Dermatologist.

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Behind The seams : Katz Jewelry

Thursday, July 19, 2012
Hi Guys , Today we go "Behind the Seams" with Kat , from KAT Jewelry Design from Etsy. Kat holds a Bachelors Degree in Jewelry Design and has a great fondness of the Anglo Saxons and Vikings.  

Trichinopoly, or Viking Knit or Viking Wire Weave, is one old-world technique I am exploring with modern aesthetics in mind." - Kat 

H.P: How did you become a Jewelry designer?
KAT: I remember playing with string and beads when I was still in grade school, every thing from string bracelets to "Indian" seed beads, and eventually cheap gemstone beads and store findings. I decided to go to college for jewelry design and got introduced to Art Jewelry, a high-end and hardly-worn extension of the fine art market. It made me wonder why we couldn't just design jewelry for the sake of making something beautiful? So when I got home, I did, with what materials I could handle without a production studio. 

H.P: How would you define your personal style? 
KAT :My style is about color, especially bright colors contrasting with metallic and neutrals, and otherwise tends towards the geometric and simplified. I'm intrigued by gradients, by the visual balance created by things that go from dark to light, large to small, thick to thin. I like to see things as a unified whole, both in jewelry I make and in the way I dress, or decorate, or design a project, so my work is more likely to have a color or shape theme than to be collage.

H.P: Finish the sentence ... "I cannot live without my ....
KAT: I cannot live without my tool box. It is a rather standard blue and white plastic 'art box' made by who knows, but it manages to hold all my wire, chainmaille, and tools, and a reasonable portion of beads. It lets me take my projects with me easily, and many people have commented on how I always have my box with me.

H.PWhat is your favorite piece to make?
KAT: My favorite piece is always the new idea I'm working on, whether its a new shape of gemstone I'm wrapping in chainmaille or a new color of wire I'm weaving for the first time. But if I have to get specific, earrings let me play the most with color, and chainmaille is definitely the most fun for showing off to other people.

H.P : What inspired your line?
KAT : Wire weaving and chainmaille both started out as ancient techniques. Wire weaving is often known as Viking Knit because examples of it have been found most famously in viking burials, although similar weaves and uses can be seen in nearly every centralized culture. I delight in variations, and in turning old tricks to new purposes, so my line of jewelry grew out of taking an ancient technique and seeing how I could make modern-looking wearable accessories with it.

H.P : Describe your line?
KAT: My jewelry is wire, ring, bead, and feather. It is meant to accessorize, add volume and sparkle, without being the center of attention. It is light weight, comfortable, easy to put on and wear, easy to care for. It is what I like to make, in hope that someone else will like it too. It is certainly not deep and thoughtful; art for art's sake, beauty for the pleasure of beautiful things.

Check out the pictures below to see some of the other pieces by KAT Jewelry Design

( There are 5 categories : Wire Weave, Earrings,  Art Jewelry, Tails and Chainmaille)


Wire Weave


Art Jewelry

See Everything in person at the Summer Avante -Garde Art and Craft Show on July 29th , 2012 at Wagner's  County Inn in Westlake.

For more info :

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HairSAY : Hair Growth Products that actually work

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hi Guys! We've looked at Types of weaves and how to care for weave and i know all that new knowledge must be "unbeweaveable" , but , let's back to the base of it all , your very own hair. I know we sometimes tend to forget about our own hair. So below , are some products that I've actually tried that works for hair growth.

Biotin : This is a natural vitamin that is found in a number of common foods. It is a B complex vitamin and sometimes referred to as "Vitamin H" ( I'm guessing the H is for hair ... maybe not lol) .

 Anyway , it does work. However ! It is not a magic formula! You have to maintain a healthy diet and maintain your hair. It does aid in growth and repair , but it works best when you treat and care for your hair on a regular basis.
*Try to use this with Biotin Enriched shampoo and conditioners*

Doo Gro: Their tag line is "For hair that won't grow" - " If nutten else nuh werk , dis work [ if there is nothing else that works , this certainly does] Let me tell you ! When i was in University or "Uni" as the British people say :-) I was wearing braids , i couldn't deal with my hair at all , so i just braided it. Then it started breaking , like really badly. Then i read about Doo Grow and decided to try it for 3 months. It worked! My hair had new growth and the ends were not as ... fragile. These are however on the expensive side. But it's a good little investment. I would recommend you buying the ones that is for your hair type or condition instead of buying the entire line. You can get this at Beauty supplies , wholesales
 ( downtown or at clocktower plaza in Jamaica) and some high end pharmacies.

Profectiv : I tried the Mega Growth Anti-Breakage Strengthener for probably 3 1/2 months ( after the Doo Gro) and i liked the results. I actually saw the results in month 3. It was slower than the Doo Gro i must admit , but i did see results. These are reasonably priced and can be found at any beauty supply store or high end pharmacies. Again , buy the line that is for your hair type or condition.

These are the top 3 products i use for hair growth that actually works.What product works for you?

Live in the Fresh : Dhengi Brand Clothing

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Product Review : Rustico Natural

Hi Guys ! I recently featured Rustico Natural which is an Etsy shop that manufacturers Vegan and Natural Products. I was sent some of these wonderful products by store owner Diana. I was told by Diana that i would start seeing results as early as a week and a half. I was advised by her to try to not mix the Natural products with the Commercial Products . I have to admit this was a little hard ( because i looooooooooove my bath and body works stuff ) but i stuck it out for two weeks and only used Natural Products :-))

Each Product came in small plastic "baggies" with labels. I must commend Diana for also including a little card about her company and also about the benefits of using Natural Products. That was a good little touch. It shows that she took the time out to inform and educate her customers , so that they will fall in love with Natural Products as much as she is :-)

Today I will be reviewing the following products:

Dead Sea Mud

I used this soap on my face and i really liked the results. I've always heard about "dead sea" bars and its "magical powers " and also  the way it cleanses the pores and removes all impurities. I can safely say that it does work. The results you get , would be like using a facial scrub, it truly removes dead skin and leaves your face smooth and clean and minimized my pores.

Spring Calendula

These are made from the actual "Calendula" Plant.  The thing about Calendula is that heat actually slows down their growth,but they survive better in  warm climates in Fall and Spring , hence the name. I used this as a facial soap ( on the 4th day) because its for sensitive skin . I like the fact that it was lightly scented and not too overpowering yet  gentle enough to be used everyday. Unfortunately , i have "Itchy Summer Skin" on some of the really hot days , and this really helped to sooth the itching as well as to keep my skin feeling "relaxed" and cool.

Goats Milk Soap

This was my designated "bath soap". On the wrapper , it had three uses... acne , complexion and shaving. I used it twice per day as recommended and i started to see results at the end of the week. My skin was softer and clearer ( i actually used all the products during my "girly time" , when i get a few breakouts) So its "tried and true". As for the shaving part , it gives a clean smooth shave without that weird "rough" feeling after. Obviously , you'd create a lather and shave. It is also infused with essential oils for the "ultimate pampering experience". This bar contains Lemon Mint, Happy Apple berry ( yay and Dragons Blood.

Red Clay

I used this soap as a facial soap on the final day of my 2 week trial of the products. I know that Clay is highly absorbent and is great for detoxification and exfoliation of the skin. I decided to try this last because i wanted to "treat my face". This was nothing short of what it boasts to do . I used it as a mask , meaning i left in on my face for like 5 minutes , then rinsed it off. It gives the same results of a traditional mud mask without all the gunk of course. I literally felt my pores breathing and rejoicing. This bar contains Olive , Castor , Coconut , palm , soy bean oil , distilled water , Red Moroccan clay , Rosemary  and Petit Grain.

Roses from France Body Lotion -bar

The name of this one was what got me interested. A lotion as body bar?The best way i could say this works .. its like Dove , its not really a soap ... its more of a moisturizer. After i used it , my skin was soooo soft , like it was enriched with milk or something really really soft. It has a nice soft rosy scent , its not too overpowering. I would recommend using this at night because of the way it moisturizes the skin , i think it would be a bit much on the skin during the day ( well it depends on where you live) . If you live in a colder region , its completely fine.

Coconut Paradise

As I've said before , I'm not a big fan of coconut , but with it being summer and all its great to have a nice" islandy" scent around . This was also used as a bath soap . I liked the fact that the coconut was not overpowering , its really lightly flavoured. This for me was true "paradise".

Lemon Pie

Who doesn't love pie? I used this delicious treat throughout the final week of trial.It softens and moisturizes super well. This bar of soap has a luscious .. yummy lemon scent and is sure to quite appealing to the senses. Not only can this bar be used for hygienic purposes , but I've actually been using it as a sort of decorative soap :-) It has such a distinctive citrus scent.

Beeswax Natural Lip Balm -Peppermint

As you know , i love chap sticks and lip balms. I used this before bed and also during the day. This natural Lip-balm contains Cocoa butter, Beeswax , sweet almond coconut,jojoba, avocado, apricot kernel oils , Vitamin E and Peppermint. I really liked the texture of this. It wasn't too greasy nor was it too bulky .. its was just really soft and natural and rolls on really well. It nourishes , moisturizes and seals in hydration. I would highly recommend this product if you have dry chapped lips because it really works well especially in this heat. For an auh mazing kick , apply this after brushing your teeth!

Roses from France Lotion

Say bye-bye to dry parched skin . I used this twice per day after using my Goats Milk Soap and it left my skin feeling nourished and moisturized.  It contains Olive , Coconut Castor, rose water , rose petals , roses FO and other essential oils. This lotion  has a really delicate scent infused with Rose Petals from France . If you are a "girly girl" you will absolutely love this lotion. After i used this , i felt like i just rolled around in a French Rose Garden.

As it relates to Natural Soaps , are ingredients are found easily in the nearest grocery store or market , we know them very well , so why not use them and recognize the benefits that they may give to your body and maybe even your mind :-)

These natural products don't leave "scum" in your bathtub. I'm what you call an A-Type personailty so i'm always cleaning . And i noticed that after i took a bath , i didn't have to clean the tub:-)

I know it seems like a lot of stuff to use for just 2 weeks on my skin , but i was told by Diana that it would be ok as long as i did not mix them with commercial products. Besides , its Natural , there are no artificial ingredients to weigh your skin down.

I would give these products a 4 out of 5 stars :-)

To purchase these products , please visit