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Mission Catwalk : Episode 10

Thursday, May 31, 2012
Hi Guys! Here is your weekly update of Mission Catwalk. Sooo ... Jolly went home ... and according to judges Gregory who has always been consistent failed to impress this week.

After Ten Tries, Ryan Chan wins his first Mission Catwalk Challenge

It took ten tries, but Trinidad designer Ryan Chan can finally call himself a Mission Catwalk challenge winner.  Episode ten of the Caribbean fashion reality series saw Ryan along with five other designers were creating a prom dress for a high school girl-a test not only of their design skills but their ability to work with a client.

I made sure to ask my model what her favorite colour combination.She, without hesitating, answered "pink and black", also my two favorite colors! I created a pink dress with peau de soie fabric and used black accessories. I also kept her age in mind and, modernized the corsage by using a black rhinestone encrusted applique, which I thought gave her some attitude but yet kept it funky and fun- a punk   rock princess!”

Alvina Bryan was the lucky model who in addition to keeping her Ryan Chan design, won a $10,000.00 gift voucher to shop at Xtra’s.

For him, this win is especially satisfying as he has been in the bottom spot for the last four episodes.  He did start the series on strong footing, having placed in the top four ranking in episodes two to four.  Whether he maintains his winning stance remains to be seen as there is one more challenge before the battle of the top three at Caribbean Fashion Week which takes place at 7PM on Friday June 8.

For now, the judges were pleased with what they saw.  This week the regular judging panel of Keneea Linton-George, host and executive producer of Mission Catwalk; Novia McDonald-Whyte, associate editor lifestyle and social content at the Jamaica Observer andmenswear designer Carlton Brown were joined Sandra Glasgow a director at the National Commercial Bank (NCB) of Jamaica. Her company contributed $250,000 worth of literary items to the Mission Literacy programme a partnership between NCB Foundation and Mission Catwalk. The items were divided amongst the top five designers who presented them to five Kingston basic and primary schools: Bradford Basic, Victory Basic, St. Albans Primary, His Majesty Basic and Boys Town All Age. 

Jamaica’s Janel Jolly was ranked as the lowest scoring designer and she was eliminated. Though she was in the top scoring designers on episodes one, two and six, she was safe throughout the series. Five designers now remain.  They are Crystal Powell and Gregory Williams of Jamaica, Kerin Scott of Barbados, Belize’s Rebecca Stirm and Ryan Chan of course.

Tune in to Television Jamaica every Tuesday at 8:30 PM for the newest episode from Mission Catwalk Season 2, presented by NCB, Supreme Ventures and Digicel. Each week’s episode repeats at 5:30Pm on Thursdays. Mission Catwalk can also be viewed on local stations in Barbados, Belize, Grenada, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. Viewers around the globe and watch the online stream at

Information : AGSelect PR
Photos: Tiffany Lue-Yen                Ryan Chan Headshot : Alty Benjamin Jr.

Behind the Seams : Rseenal Di Artillary

Hi Guys !!! Today Haute People goes "Behind the Seams " with a very talented Jamaican artiste who has a very unique sound and a charismatic personality to match. Today , we highlight the sounds of Rseenal Di Artillary.

H.P: How would you describe your sound?
R.A: My sound is a distinct sound it’s a flowing deejay-rapping style with a reggae melody. It took me few years to develop this kind of delivery because I had to learn the various styles of performance individually, then fused them.. I'm always trying to recreate my artistry that my sound may always be ever-evolving
H.P: Would you describe the music business as "tough" in Jamaica?

R.A:Yes! The Jamaican local music business is actually tough !! mainly because of the political landscape of the business, but most of all from the insecurities of the many mainstream artistes who position themselves to monopolize the business to control, isolate and alienate new talents that they may always be able to be on the forefront of the local scene by any means necessary.  

H.P: What are five things you can't live without??
R.A: I cant live without my consciousness & spirituality, which I consider the most valuable aspect of my reality.. then its my family & love ones, then my music, then the others physiological needs .. everything else materially, I could  survive without..!! honestly!!

H.P: What is the most trouble you've ever got into?
R.A: I'm really a good guy I don’t usually get myself into any big trouble
But I've been to the RM court very few times. But  eventually it was discovered that I was wrongfully accused on all those occasions. 

H.P: You write most of your songs ,where do you draw inspiration from when you write?
R.A: I write all my tunes. I draw inspiration from every aspect of life around me. I have a philosophical way of thinking and that helps to hold my perspectives together in creating a tune. Plus I just go with whatever or where ever the beat is leading me

H.P: What is your favorite part about being a musician?
R.A: Its seeing people or fans relating & appreciating your music after all the hard work placed into its creation. I love performing as well and I also love the feeling of seeing through a project to the end. That feeling of accomplishment is like bliss
H.P:Tell us about your first performance?
R.A:Terrible!! I was drinking up Hennessey etc etc backstage before my very first performance then hit the stage & couldn’t deliver!! i think i even forgotten the words of the tune i had to perform.. lol .. i guess that was probably my biggest learning curve

H.P: How do you juggle family life with your career?
R.A: Time management is key and every chance I get I try to keep close to my family cause there are time when they become totally neglected based on the work load & the ups and downs. Therefore I try to make every chance I have with my kids and love one very special especially when we are all together.

H.P:Its Friday night ... where are you most likely to be? 
R.A:I’ll be on my endz chilling with friends playing & critiquing all my music recently recorded drinking, blazing, chatting, laughing, having a good time or I may be in my home studio working leisurely drinking & blazing building a vibes creating new music . Or generally at home just chilling with my kids watching movies having snacks & goofing around.

H.P:Who are some of your favorite artistes ? local and international?
R.A: Sizzla Kalonji is one of my favorite artistes.He echoes best, similar sentiments that I do in my music on practically all the levels; but, I mainly listen the music of my colleagues: Raw Raw, Gabriel, Raw Deal, Ill Gramma, Nikki Nixx and a few others I've worked closely with. They're also my inspiration!. Internationally, GMTA, OG's, Lady Shivz, SlickyOne Fujy De Konero & Lil mizz Sunshyne. As you may realize i don't usually listen to alot of mainstream artistes :)

H.P: Any words of advice/encouragement for aspiring musicians?
R.A: DREAM BIG!! THINK BIG!! Practice Self-Actualization & Let your thoughts be manifested by your works. You must always bear in mind the basic requirements for success in this business the "3 C’s": Confidence, Control & Consistency and ceaselessly work on them, this will virtually or literally take you to the next level of this business career-wise.

Check out Rseenal's Fb page : ... "like" it.

A "Haute" Guy

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Hi Guys !!! Please check out this picture below. Be sure to click on the link below so that this "Haute" guy can win a brand new Mitsubishi

Disclaimer : This Photo may be subject to Copyright

Wacky Wednesday : Justin Bieber goes off

Hi Guys!! I recently heard that the "Biebs" , allegedly attacked a photographer , who filed a complaint to the L.A District Attorney office. This is being investigated as misdemeanor battery . Here is the Wacky part ... Bieber jetted off to Europe , where he even tweeted :

"OFF TO EUROPE! PHASE 1 of operation secret concerts! lol. OSLO first stop. See u soon,"

Maybe when you are Justin Bieber big , you can skip town while your case is being investigated.

Disclaimer : Photo is the sole property is OMG! from Yahoo.

D-I-Y : Shoe Hanger from Fabric

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Hi Guys!! We've made it to another week of my D-I-Y Tuesday. Todays' project is inspired by my mother :-) She's the one i got my "creativity" from. Soo , i went to her house and saw something hanging in the corner .. then i got closer and realized it was a shoe hanger she made from fabric :-) As you know I've dubbed myself a "Frugalista" and as i always say ( well sometimes) " Why buy what you can make ? This project is super quick and inexpensive.You will need :

  • Fabric ( from an old dress , shirt or whatever else you don't wear anymore")
  • A pair of scissors
  • Needle and Thread
  • Card Board ( or any other similar material)
  • Glue

Step 1 

Cut a large piece of the fabric in large square or rectangle. This will be the base of you shoe hanger. The size of the square depends on the amount of the shoes you want to hang so its up to you.

Step 2 

Cut smaller pieces of rectangles. Be sure to bear in mind the size of your shoes. Make sure they are not too big or small. You can simply place your shoes on the fabric. Then cut around it. These will serve as the "pockets" that your shoes will go into.

Step 3

Sew the small pockets onto the large rectangle /square base fabric. Be sure to do the "machine stitch" so that it will be more sturdy. If you have a sewing machine , that's even better.

Step 4

At the top of the rectangle or square , sew what looks like a little handle. This will be to hang your new shoe hanger. Now , in order to give the shoe hanger a "backbone" , simply glue it onto the cardboard , so that it will hang better.

Step 5
Add your shoes! And you are good to go :-)

I hope that i have inspired at least ONE person to go out and be creative. Above all .. be confident :-)

Bling Bling Sales/ Promotions

Monday, May 28, 2012

Say what now? A RED DOT SALE !!!! In Jamaica??? Yes , you heard that right , check out Bling Bling's "RED DOT" Sale.

How does it work?? Buy a red dot and get 25% off or buy 2 red dots and get three more for free. 

Here are some other ways you can save with BLING BLING Jamaica :

  • Going Green: Bling Bling is being fabulous and eco friendly. Bring back a Bling Bling shopping bag and get 20% off on anything in the store.
  • 50% Sale: Teen Bling is having a 50% off sale for new stock coming in.
  • TB BBM: Add Teen Bling to your BBM and get 20% off on anything in the store. PIN:29213769 and Bar Code is in attachments. 
  • TB Snap Back: Buy one snap back and get 1 for free!   Bling Bling's Fb Page

Prom/Ball your way : From Bling Bling Jamaica!!

Hi Guys !! Its Graduation Season. I know finding a dress can be quite daunting ... but have no fear as always i am here to help you :-)

All dresses are on sale, prices ranging from $10,000-$15,000. Bling Bling guarantees that the dress they sell to you will not be sold to anyone else attending the same event as you. They take your name, school, the ball your attending, number and the style dress to ensure you are the only one with the dress. 

You will also get 30% off all the accessories you purchased with the dress , as well as $1500 for professional Make-up . Ladies you are getting a deal .. i wished back in my day they had this kinda service. Check out Bling Bling and Teen Bling Today :-)

Make- Up Monday : Blue Smokey Eye , Nude Lip

Hi Guys! Another exciting but hectic yet rewarding weekend :-) I went out of town then straight to a Trunk show at Chai Studio , then spent the rest of the night uploading ... just for you :-) Today's make-up look comes from one of my new favorite beauty gurus ... Beautybyjj. Yes , i used her last week , but i really like her videos. Check out her "Party Blue Smokey Eye .. with Nude Lip video below :-)

Disclaimer : This video is the sole property of beautybyjj. No Copyright infringement intended.

Product Review (Tropitopia): Berry Delight Liquid Soap and Coconut Lotion

Sunday, May 27, 2012
Hi Guys ! A few weeks ago i went to Tropitopia which is a Jamaican manufacturer of Bath and Body Products. I received two products to try : Berry Delight Liquid Soap and Coconut Lotion.

Berry Delight

At first i wasn't feeling the texture , but then i gave it a few shakes and it started to thicken and i was good to go :-) I really like the smell of it .. its evident that there were in fact berries in it . The best part was that it leaves your hands moisturized. It does not leave your hands dry. As you can see from the pictures below .. mine is almost finished .... so its really good.

Coconut Lotion

I am in love with this lotion. I have to admit , that i was a bit nervous to try it , because sometimes in Jamaica , we get a lot of "watered down" stuff. I loved the texture of this. Its not watery , but its not too thick. I like the fact that its lightly scented and not potent. Best of all , its a lingering scent, it stays actually stays on. I know many of you might not know this .. but coconut is one of the "Summer Scents".

I would highly recommend you trying both these and other products from Tropitopia. Check out their Facebook Page below. "like" it .. love it if you will  :-)

Trunk Show : Chai Studio!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hi Guys!!! Today i went to a Trunk Show for several stores at the Chai Studio at the Barbican Business Center. You know what i love the most about these trunk shows that I've been going to? They are in walking distance ( even though i didn't walk) Today , there were over 7 stores. Check out the pictures below :-)

BIN26 Wine Bar

Check out BIN26 Wine bar on FB :


If you like traditional "trendy" beads , then you'll love Swizz Beads.  The owner Tiffany "Swizzy" is originally from Switzerland ,where she was based and created "Jawels". She is now in Jamaica!!.Check out her FB page :


I loved this display the most ... the owner was an embodiment of her beads ... soooo HAPPI :-) Each of her bracelets have been  designed to be as unique as you are. Made with love specially for you. Each bead also comes with a "care card" that tells you how to take care of your beads. Check out their FB page here :


Omg! Fashion is located at 11 Braemar Avenue Kingston 10 Jamaica. Call them at 946-1169



Sultry specializes in Lingerie and under-wear.Call Claudine at 420-9168.She has the backless strapless bra :-)

CLA Activewear
"Working out is Hard" ..Why not look good doing it? CLA Active Wear carries Exclusive Colombian gym-wear designed to be comfortable ,durable and sexy "
 Check out their FB page below. Make sure you "like" it :-)

The pieces below come in Costume Jewelry and also Sterling Silver. This is not actually a store per say , but i was told by the owner of the pieces that she travels to trade shows and trunk shows all over the world. So you can simply keep an eye out for these :-)

I hope that this post has inspired at least ONE person to go out ... i know its really hotttttt ... but go out and be creative ...

This vs That : Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Vs Dream Liquid Mousse

Friday, May 25, 2012
Hi Guys!!! T.G.I.F!! There are tons of stuff going on in Jamaica for the weekend. There is the Style week events ( if you like fashion) Maydaze and tons of other stuff. Anyway , today i want to share with you two products I've been using ad how they compare to each other. From the title , the two products are both from Maybelline ... Dream Liquid Mousse and the Dream Matte Mousse ( shown below).

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse 

This is my new favorite foundation. Its soo hard to find the "perfect" foundation because i have oily skin and freckles ( yup i'm a little black girl with freckles . This foundation gives total coverage , and it gives that pore less airbrush finish. So its all good The only thing i don't like is that it doesn't really stay in place for a long time ... in that ... i have to blot alot .. and its super messy. However , i don't mind because of its quality. Ohhh .. it comes in a pump , so you have to use your fingers or whatever else to apply it.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

I actually saw the commercials for this product and thought i'd give it a try since I've used the liquid version. I did not like it !!! I bought the same shade (obviously) in Coca .. and its not the same. Sooo , first of all its not really a powder nor is it quite liquid .. its both powder and liquid "matted" together. It has this orange thing to it which i don't like. I also hate the texture and the smell. I smells like shoe polish. Maybe i'm not using it right or sumn. If you use this product ... tell me how you like it (or not) and how you use it. For now , i'm actually using this one at home ( just for fun).

I need feedback on these . So please leave your comments below. Let's chat :-)

Mission Catwalk : Episode 9 ( Rebecca Sews her way to Win #4)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hi Guys , here is my weekly update of Mission Catwalk. This week , the designers had to design two pieces inspired by an animal at the Hope Zoo , Jamaica. In these two looks , one had to be for a luncheon , while the other had to be for a charity gala. 

Rebecca Stirm Sews Her Way To win #4 on Mission Catwalk

 Having won prior challenges on episodes two, four and six, Rebecca Stirm’s episode 9 win makes the Belizean the winning-est designer on Season Two of Caribbean fashion reality series Mission Catwalk which has seen participants from five Caribbean countries competing in its second season.
After a visit to the Hope Zoo, the seven remaining contestants were instructed to design a gown for a charity gala and a second garment for a charity luncheon inspired by one animal from the zoo.
Rebecca chose the turtle because it was “an unusual and unique animal that people didn’t already have preconceptions about what turtle- inspired garment should look like.”  Using a kaleidoscope patterned fabric similar to the pattern on a turtle’s shell; Rebecca created a gown with dramatic neckline while using layers of different fabrics in circular cutouts to build a skirt that would mimic a turtle’s shell while still allowing movement. For her second outfit the kaleidoscope fabric was more prominent and used for most of the blouse, while the pencil skirt was in a monotone beige.. 

The judges Keneea Linton-George host and executive producer of Mission Catwalk, Novia McDonald-Whyte senior associate editor lifestyle and social content at the Jamaica Observer; menswear designer Carlton Brown and guest judge designer Celia Levy commended Rebecca on the structure of her design. For Levy the fact that it was “wearable” was also highly appealing.  Her high scores won her a feature in Style Observer as well as a JA$50,000 (US$583).

Unfortunately this week, Kesia Estwick of Barbados was eliminated.  The St. Phillip designer has scored her first win two episodes back.  Six designers are still in the running for the chance to show at London Fashion Week.  They are  Crystal Powell, Gregory Williams and Janel Jolly of Jamaica, Ryan Chan of Trinidad & Tobago, Kerin Scott of Barbados and Belize’s Rebecca Stirm. The lucky winner of Mission Catwalk Season Two will also receive JMD$500,000 courtesy of National Commercial Bank of Jamaica (NCB) to start their clothing line, industrial sewing equipment valued at JMD$200,000 courtesy of singer Jamaica, a contract to sell their designs at SOHO boutique, a six-page fashion editorial in Ocean Style Magazine, a scholarship to pursue fashion program at London College of Fashion and an apprenticeship with Master Savile Row Tailor Andrew Ramroop.

Tune in to Television Jamaica every Tuesday at 8:30 PM for the newest episode from Mission Catwalk Season 2, presented by NCB, Supreme Ventures and Digicel. Each week’s episode repeats at 5:30Pm on Thursdays. Mission Catwalk can also be viewed on local stations in Barbados, Belize, Grenada, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. Viewers around the globe and watch the online stream at

Information : AGSelect PR
Photos : Adrian Cleary
Photo of Rebecca Stirm : Alty Benjamin Jr.
Disclaimer : Pictures may be subject to Copyright.

Behind the Seams: Stephanie Wallace ( Jamaican Singer/Songwriter)

"She acts , She Sings , She even dances. I remember when i was in High School , i always wondered is there nothing that girl can do? lol . She had greatness written all over her. I remembered several mornings how she thrilled us with her auh mazing voice at General Devotion. Today , Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with songstress Stephanie Wallace.

H.P: You Act, Dance and Sing. Of all these talents .. why music?
S.W: Music comes naturally for me. Music chose me. Each time I try to do anything else I end up back right where music is. Its just something within me that strives in and through music. 

H.P: What's your motto or advice you live by? 
S.W: Live to live, don't live to die.

H.P: What inspires you?
S.W: As cliche as it sounds, life inspires me. I've been blessed with travelling so many places in the world and I've had some great experiences with some great people. All of which has had a lasting impact on me.

H.P: What is your favotrite song to belt out in the car/shower?
S.W: So many but this has been my latest. "You ought to know" - Alanis Morrisette

H.PWhat was Stephanie like in Highschool?
S.W: Haha..ok..ahm. I was one of the popular girls, very involved in school activities, kept good grades, a little rebellious (although i was a prefect for most of my high school I used to cry alot too...very thin skin. I used to care too much what persons thought of me and since i was popular, everyone had an opinion. High school was the real world though, it set the stage for me.

H.P: For readers who have never heard your music , describe your sound in five words...
S.W: A rich fusion of genres.

H.P: If i was to turn on your Ipod right now , what 5 artists/songs would i see on your recently played list? 
S.W: Groundation, Alanis Morisette, Nico D, Rihanna, Adele

H.P: If you could open up for any artiste on tour right now , who would it be? ( local or international)
S.W: Alicia Keys

H.P: A "Stephanie First" , tell us about your first performance ..
S.W:. My first performance as a solo artist..hmmm. Well i don't remember being very nervous. I have been performing since i was a child. I was more excited to hit the stage.

H.P: What is your favorite thing to do when you are not performing?
S.W: Well im a mom, so when im not performing i love to spend time with my girls, or read a book.

H.P:You recently did a video , explain to us the concept ?
S.W:"Got it right here" is a love song about a guy searching for love and the girl telling him she has it. We wanted to capture that search element in a unique way. So we created a natural maze, and incorporated other outdoor shots as well. Simple and sweet. Kudos to Simon "SNO" Thompson who shot and directed. And special mention to Wayne Walker (manager) and Travis King (make-up artist).

H.PAny words of advice for aspiring singers?
S.W: Know all you can about the music business, its not a 9-5 in a sense so the more you know about your rights,etc. The more you'll live off of your gift. Its fun, its cool, but its a business. One Love!!!

Message from Stephanie :

Come experience a night of musical feasting at REDBONES BLUES CAFE (1 Argyle Road, kgn 10). Myself (Singer/songwriter Stephanie) alongside Stephen "Rev" Maxwell, Horace "Yelluh" Ellis and Nicholas "Sparrow" Robinson presents a rich brew of musical genres fused with jazz; "Musicology". Come and enjoy this experience on Thursday May 31, 2012 @8:30pm. Entry $700. (Please indicate if you would like presold tickets at $500)
Looking forward to seeing you. If your in Jamaica, come enjoy a great thursday night.

Also , check out Stephanie's fan page on FB and  be sure to "like" it.

Be sure to come out and Support Stephanie on May 31st at RedBones Blues Cafe, Jamaica.

Disclaimer : Images may be Subject to Copyright

Wacky Wednesday : Lark Voorhies a.k.a Lisa Turtle

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Hi Guys !!! Its my favorite time of the week. So i saw this picture of "Lark Voorhies" , more popularly known as "Lisa Turtle" from "Saved by The Bell". Whats wacky about this photo... was the way the very professional Yahoo writer described her. I thought it was sooooo unprofessional. Search for this when you have time. Here is the picture below.

Disclaimer : Image may be subject to Copyright

D-I-Y : Pore Strips

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Hi Guys! Week 3 of my new "D-I-Y Tuesday is finally here. As i always say "Why buy something you can make yourself"? Anyway , Today , I've decided to post a video featuring MUA "Michelle Phan". You should check out her channel on YouTube, shes' really good and extremely versatile in a lot of areas.

Disclaimer : This video is the sole property of Michelle Phan. No Copyright infringement intended.

Make- Up Monday:Summer Make-Up Tutorial : Smoked Peach

Monday, May 21, 2012
Hi Guys!! Happy Monday. I had such a hectic weekend , but it was very rewarding :-) Here is a look for you guys to try out for those "Summer Days/ Nights".

Disclaimer : This video is the sole property of beautybyjj. No Copyright infringement intended.

I hope that i have inspired at least ONE person today to go out and be creative ... above all ... be confident :-)

Top 5 Party Essentials ( For Summer) : Cori "Don" Sinclair

Sunday, May 20, 2012
Hi Guys , Today's Top 5 Party Essentials for Summer comes from "Raving King" Cori "Don" Sinclair.

5. One can't party on an empty stomach : If you plan to drink at a party , make sure you eat something before. You get drunk quicker on an empty stomach.

4. Money : Always have money in your pocket!

3. Always "smell fresh" : Please make sure you take the time to check yourself before you leave your house. You can't be raving and "nuh smell good"

2. Always have a ride to the party ... and back : People always go out and have no way of getting home and find dem selves in all sort a predicament.

1. Make sure you have your own fun : Build a vibes and just enjoy yourself!

Trunk Show : The Place by Jamielle

Saturday, May 19, 2012
Hi Guys! Today i went to a Trunk show for a hot new store called "The Place" by Jamielle. I must say .. i was literally blown away by all the pieces that were being showcased , especially this one in particular : "Total Stud Blouse ( shown below).

Store owner Jamielle expressed that:

" Clothes describe who you are and different styles are an expression of who you are". This statement is an embodiment of her own personal style , which she describes as " Fun and Daring ... but Classic". She also cites Rihanna as one of her major inspirations as well as the late great Alexander McQueen , whose expression she has as the "mantra" for her store on her Facebook page.

""I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it."
— Alexander McQueen

Also , at the trunk Show was Annbriana's Cosmetics.

Pictures of "The Place " , by Jamielle 

The lady herself   "Jamielle"


To find more of these trendy pieces check out " The Place" by Jamielle on FB and also Annbriana's Cosmetics on FB. Please "like" them both :-)