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Make- Up Monday : Metallic Eye Tutorial

Monday, April 30, 2012
Hi Guys !!! Happy Monday , it was such a hectic, super fun, Kraysie weekend :-) If you wanna know how to get "Metallic Eyes" , check out lipSHOCK's video below. She is a well know beauty guru on YouTube.

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Mission Catwalk: Episode 5 Re-Cap

Thursday, April 26, 2012
Hi Guys! Just in case you missed Episode 5 of Mission Catwalk on Tuesday , here is a little Re-Cap:-)

Fifth time’s the charm: Gregory Williams wins Mission Catwalk challenge

 Gregory Williams of Jamaica has edged his way to a win on Episode 5 of Caribbean design reality series Mission Catwalk after landing in the bottom four on episode two, where he created a culture-inspired garment; coming out safe on episode three which drew inspiration from the 1920’s flapper era and landing in the top four designers on last week’s episode with a dress that complemented a piece from Cinderella Hats.
 This week, the designers were paired in four groups of three and were tasked with the challenge of designing a garment for one of four style/fashion icons: First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama; former Spice Girl and fashion designer, Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham; style chameleon and recording artist Nicki Minaj and Dancehall diva Lady Saw.

 The top scorers from last week’s challenge chose their group members for this week’s task. Two-time challenge winner Rebecca Stirm of Belize, Janel Jolly of Jamaica and Janelle Forde who represents both Trinidad and Barbados were inspired by Victoria “Posh” Beckham, while Crystal Powell, led fellow Jamaicans Natalie Rochester and Barbadian group-mate Kerin Scott in creating their  designs for Michelle Obama. Gregory’s group comprised fellow Jamaican Keshon Hawthorne and Trinidad’s Shannon Kwong. Designing for Lady Saw were team leader Ryan Chan of Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana’s Ryan Berkeley and Barbadian Kesia Estwick. 

According to Gregory, he was inspired by a “dominatrix bad girl” and combined his love of all things black with Nicki’s signature pink in a 3-piece pink leopard print and black leather combination.
 The winning look which included an off-shoulder blouse, mini skirt with leather fringe layers and a suspender with sequined belt was tied together with a pink colour-scheme.  “The boldness of her wigs, lips and make-up, was done in pink of course and since she's not into a lot of accessories, I went minimal with small diamond earrings.”
 Mission Catwalk host and executive producer Keneea Linton-George concurred as she thought the “edgy and creative design suits Nicki’s style.” Other judges impressed by Gregory’s work were Jamaica Observer lifestyle editor Novia McDonald-Whyte, celebrated menswear designer Carlton Brown and guest judge veteran dancehall artist Marion “Lady Saw” Hall who remarked, “I love it! I would buy it.”


 Apart from Gregory, Ryan B and Rebecca earned top marks from the judges, while Keshon, Janelle and Kerin failed to impress. It was ultimately Kerin, the episode 2 runner-up, who was eliminated. 
 Shannon dropped a bombshell by announcing that she wanted out of the show, and called a former contestant to be her replacement. Tune in next week to see  which designer will come back to design for a cause, drawing inspiration from the red HIV awareness ribbon.  Who will win JA$3 million worth of prizes including the chance to show at London Fashion Week 2012? Who will rule the catwalk?

 Tune in to Television Jamaica every Tuesday at 8:30 PM for the newest episode from Mission Catwalk Season 2, presented by NCB, Supreme Ventures and Digicel. For those in Trinidad the series airs Tuesdays at 9:30 PM on TV6. Mission Catwalk streams online at

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Photos : Alty Benjamin Jr.

Closet Freak : Tips and Tricks

Hi Guys ! On Monday of this week i did something kinda crazy , i was looking for a dress in my closet and realized it was nowhere to be found. I decided to take down all the clothes and see if it was there. That was incredibly stupid , i was like quarter way through and realized i had a "lot o crap". By the time i was finally finished it was like 45 minutes later , i looked on the bed , turned off the lights and went to watch Basketball wives lol. It was like 9:30 when i started to "clean-up" and i decided to work with a system. Here are the tips i came up with to help you guys with organizing a small closet.

  • Take down all the clothes ( this might take some time , but when you do this , not only will you find the "lost" items , but you'll get to decide what gets to stay and what gets to go.

  • The next step is to organize all your hangers by type ( plastic, wire, tubular and so on) After you've done all that , hang the clothing according to the type of hanger , it just looks more organised ( in my opinion) If you want to be really organised , color coordinate the hangers :-)

Hangers by type and Colour
  • Organize by type : Put all your tops together , dresses , skirts and so on

  • Organize by style : Longs sleeves, short sleeves , halter tops and so on

  • Color Coordinate : I used the Color Wheel to help me decide what color comes first ( if this method is too complicated for you , just go from darkest to lightest)
Color coordinating

  • Organize by texture : Sheer , cotton, spandex ( you can put all your prints together)

Organizing by Prints ( greys and blacks)

I sincerely apologize for the poor quality of the pictures in this post. Since this was a spontaneous type thing i had no access to the HD camera. However , i hope that this post still gave somebody an idea of how they can organize their small closet. If you have any other tips , don't be afraid to share , i looooooooooove hearing from YOU.

Wacky Wednesday : "The Yendi Situation"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hi Guys , check out this video a guy made about the "Yendi Situation". 

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Style Week 2012 : Jamaica ( Get Excited)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Fort Charles came alive last year as the pulsating beats of Reggae and Techno music lingered in the air. This was the annual event known as Style Week which is held in the middle of June. This year, in anticipation of the Jamaica 50 Celebrations, Style Week promises to be bigger and better. The event will span over five days ( May 23-27) at "Legendary Venues" and will showcase the collections of over 50 .... yes 50 Designers! from Jamaica and the Caribbean as well as fashion capitals of the world Paris , London, New York , L.A and Africa. Each Show will of course have amazing "After Parties". These events are of course "paying events", but fret not thy self my frugal fashion lovers. The Grand Finale will be FASHIONBLOCK on Knutsford Boulevard in New Kingston , Jamaica .... for FREE !!! Be sure to check out Style Week 2012. It promises to be auh mazing:-)

American designer LaQuan Smith's collection. [Style Week 2011]

It was all about asymmetrical skirts and maxi dresses for Michael Kors outwear designer Allan Virgo

American Designer Mataano was all about 70s separates in Rompers and Silk skirts.

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Congrats Yendi!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012
Haute People just got the news that  Yendi Phillips announced that she is four months pregnant for local singer Daniel McGregor a.k.a "Chino". Soooo ... congrats Yendi :-)

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Make- Up Monday

Hi Guys! it was another rainy weekend in Jamaica. I've decided to divert from Manicure Monday to "Make- Up Monday". For Make-up Monday , I'll post different looks from some of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus, as well as to give my own commentary on some of my own little tips and tricks.

This first look is a neutral eye and bold lip from beauty guru Jennifer Jenkins ( beautybyjj)

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Dancehall Diva Lady Saw Guest Judges on Mission Catwalk

Saturday, April 21, 2012
Hi Guys! Its Saturday and most of you are cleaning , shopping or about to get their hair done ( me , me, me!!!).You guys are in for a treat this coming Tuesday on Mission Catwalk. The Great , Legendary , Fashionable , Opinionated " Dancehall Diva" Ms Marion Hall a.k.a Lady Saw will be the "celebrity" Judge.

Dancehall Diva Lady Saw To Guest Judge on Mission Catwalk
Grammy Award-winning Dancehall Diva Lady Saw will serve as a guest judge on episode five of Caribbean fashion designer reality series Mission Catwalk which airs Tuesday April 24th on Television Jamaica.
She will join executive producer/host Keneea Linton-George, judges Novia McDonald-Whyte, Jamaica Observer lifestyle editor and noted menswear designer Carlton Brown in critiquing the work of the remaining 12 designers who will be divided into four groups of three. The teams will have to convince the judges that their mini collection for celebrity/style icons Michelle Obama, Victoria “Posh” Beckham, Nicki Minaj and Lady Saw herself is the best of the lot.
When asked if she considers herself a fashion icon Lady Saw (born Marion Hall) replies, “Yes I do see myself as a fashion icon. I’m always into fashion I love Christian Louboutin shoes and Marc Jacobs dresses; anything that’s fly- that’s me. I will go all out and rock a very expensive outfit for a big show; but sometimes I do mess up; like when I wait last minute and I’ll call somebody to get me something and it doesn’t work. That can be a disaster!”

 Lady Saw and Menswear designer Carlton Brown compares notes

Its all smiles for Mission Catwalk Judges and Host/Producer Keneea Linton-George

 The deejay, known for delivering outspoken lyrics onstage in between wig-pulling (hers of course) and kicking off her heels, is working on her ninth studio album, Lady Saw Presents: Marion Hall on her Divas Recordings imprint. The album will include various genres including country and jazz. Lady Saw is currently working on a screenplay and filming the video for “Sidung” her recent collaboration with Elephant Man.

Guest Judge Lady Saw and Keneea Linton-George are "Picture Perfect"

Though the “Love Sick” singer declined to spill the beans of her designer favorites, she remarked that her experience on Mission Catwalk was“fun!”

Which team does this design belong to?? Can you Guess

Which group of regional designers (from Barbados, Belize, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago) will impress the dancehall veteran and fashion icon? Who will rule the catwalk?
Find out by tuning in to Television Jamaica on Tuesday April 24 at 8:30 PM. For those in Trinidad the series airs Tuesdays at 9:30 PM on TV6. Mission Catwalk streams online at is presented by NCB, Supreme Ventures and Digicel.


Information courtesy of AGSelect PR. These wonderful pictures are courtesy of Alty Benjamin Jr.

Highlights From Coachella !!

Friday, April 20, 2012
Hi Guys!! I know I'm a bit late with this .. but as i always say "Better Late than Never Right" . Anyway , here are pictures of some of my favorite looks from Coachella. For my Jamaican Massive .. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival popularly known as "Coachella" is a 3 day outdoor Music and Arts festival which is held in California. There are several genres of music ranging from Rock and Roll to Indie as well as large sculptural art. Every year Music and Art lovers and of course celebrities flock to this major event. Check out some of the celebrities who came out this year:-)

 Brie Larson in her bandeau striped top and skirt
                                       Diane Kruegar
 Dree Hemingway
                                     Emma Watson
 Kate Bosworth
                                         Katy Perry
 Lea Michelle and Lauren Conrad
                                    Lily Collins
 Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerholder
Tali Lennox                                                  Vanessa  Hudgens

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Maybelline "Baby Lips"

Thursday, April 19, 2012
Hi Guys! Ladies!!! Have you seen the "Baby Lips" commercial by Maybelline?? So , there are a bunch of seemingly young kids jumping in and out ( idk why there is a male model in the shot) Anyway, i am here to tell you that the product actually works. We have been experiencing some crazy weather here in Jamaica where its rainy one minute , then sunny , then kinda windy and a tad chilly , annnnnd your lips must need some form of protection from this "inclement" weather.  As i said it works.  I actually bought this product in December of last year while in was in Tennessee ( where it gets really cold) because my lips began to chap and the regular chap stick wasn't that effective and i had to keep applying it like every 15 minutes or so. I actually saw the commercial on t.v , then went into K-Mart a few hours later and there it was right at the front of the store ..... like fate:-)

What i really love about this product is the packaging. Its packaged like lipstick , where theres that clear thing on the outside , then it winds up on a stick. Its also infused with SPF 20 protection and is clinically tested to moisturize lips for a full 8 hours!!! No joke , even if it "rubs off" its still keeping your lips moisturised. After using this product for 4 weeks , i noticed that my lips were "visibly" renewed. There were hella soft!! So so you know , it comes in Tinted( colored) and Clear. I use the #05 Quenched , in the picture above its that big sky blue one with the light pink writing. It goes on clear and it kinda smells like fruit loops  ( in my opinion). They are available at all department stores : Walmart K-Mart etc. For my Jamaican massive , you can find it at some beauty supply stores and high end pharmacies or you can always order it online from E-Bay or Amazon :-))

Check out this amazing before and after picture below
94% Less rough lips

82% Visibly less dry

77% Suppler

77% Better looking lips

Mission Catwalk : Episode 4 ( Belize Wins Again)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Hi Guys !! As promised , here is an update of last night's show ( just in case you missed it)

Belize wins AGAIN on Mission Catwalk’s 2nd Season

 After an initial win on episode two and placing runner-up in the following episode, Belizean fashion designer Rebecca Stirm wins episode four of the Caribbean fashion designer reality series Mission Catwalk with a design inspired by a selection from Cinderella Hats.
“When I saw the hats I immediately knew which one I wanted to work with. The ladylike peach hat had caught my eye. In my original sketch for the piece, I had planned on doing a soft summer dress. After looking around a bit though, and realizing that everyone else was doing dresses, I chose to do a blouse and pants.”
Her move won her points from judge Novia McDonald-Whyte Lifestyle editor at Jamaica Observer who commented that the pant’s pleating and subtle ankle details were “genius.”
Rebecca, who found material for her episode 2 design in the curtain section of Pablos’s, again went outside the box and sourced fabric for her pants in the upholstery department: “a stronger material with a lot of body and shape.”
Her peach-colored, satin blouse had a feminine appeal with an overlay of white lace to tone down the color.  She also made the white tailored belt and added a gold jewelry and a yellow purse to complete the ensemble.


Milliner Marcellas James (the owner of Cinderella Hats) found the “exquisitely detailed” design, “unusual and unexpected.  International menswear designer Carlton Brown thought the accessories “too much” but was pleased with the overall look which he described as “amazing.”

“Stylish, on trend and creative” were the words host and executive producer Keneea Linton-George used to describe Rebecca’s interpretation.
The safe designs came from Janel Jolly and Keshon Hawthorne of Jamaica, Janelle Forde who represents both Barbados and Trinidad, Barbadians Kerin Scott and Kesia Estwick, and Ryan Berkeley of Guyana
This week’s top runners up from best to worst were Crystal Powell of Jamaica (last week’s winner) Gregory Williams of Jamaica and Ryan Chan of Trinidad.
Judges were not impressed with the presentations by Jamaicans Natalie Rochester and Shellane McFarlane and Shannon Kwong of Trinidad 
Shellane who had missed being sent home in episode 2 where she landed in the bottom two, did not find luck this week as she was swiftly sent home by the judges.

Twelve more designers remain. Catch up with them on episode five where dancehall diva Lady Saw will judge their creations. Who will win JA$3 million worth of prizes including the chance to show at London Fashion Week 2012. Who will rule the catwalk?

Tune in to Television Jamaica every Tuesday at 8:30 PM for the newest episode from Mission Catwalk Season 2, presented by NCB, Supreme Ventures and Digicel. For those in Trinidad the series airs Tuesdays at 9:30 PM on TV6. Mission Catwalk streams online at


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Wacky Wednesday : Cindy!!

Hi Guys!!!! I saw this in my timeline from one of my all time favorite movies : Scary Movie, and i knew i just had to share this with you guys. I personally think this movie "made" Anna Faris.

Cindy: "Hello ! Can you hear me??

"No Cindy , we can't hear you, the cup phone doesn't actually work"

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Mission Catwalk Update : Episodes 2 and 3

Hi guys !!! How much do you love Mission Catwalk??? Well , for those of you who have been there from the beginning please help your friends to catch up with the episodes. For those of you who like hearing things straight from the horses mouth , here is just a quick update of last week and the week before that episodes ( please stay tuned for what happened last night).

Rebecca Stirm wins Mission Catwalk challenge with Belize-inspired design
Episode 2 :  Drawing on the Hispanic and Mayan influences in her country, 18 year-old Belizean fashion designer Rebecca Stirm emerged the winner in a culture-inspired challenge in the second episode of Caribbean fashion designer reality series Mission Catwalk, filmed in Kingston Jamaica.
Stirm and 14 other designers were instructed by host and executive-producer Keneea Linton-George to “create an outfit that reflects the style and culture” of their individual countries joined by “the common thread of independence.” The designers, who were given pointers from Season One winner Shenna Carby, had to apply their creativity within a short time frame and on a US$20 budget.
“I wanted a lot of material, so I looked in the curtain section,” said Rebecca. “I was able to get a lot of this very, very light; airy fabric for a little bit of money since we were on a tight budget. I added embroidery to give it some detail and intricacy.”
“Beautiful, dramatic, tasteful, stylish-I can feel the culture,” said Linton-George about Rebecca’s dress which also impressed judges -Jamaica Observer Lifestyle Editor, Novia McDonald Whyte; menswear designer Carlton Brown and guest judge, Trinidadian actress Nadia Khan.
Rebecca (who calls her label Fancy Purple Paint) was the first of the show’s designers to win a challenge as no winner was declared in the previous episode where five contestants went home.
The next best design came from Barbadian Kerin Scott’s skirt and top combo which reflected the laid back beach culture of her island and the blue and yellow of the national flag. Jamaican Janel Jolly created an African-inspired chic casual dress while Trinidadian Ryan Chan delivered his version of a modern sari.
Jamaicans Crystal Powell, Keshon Hawthorne, Maria King-Beadle, Natalie Rochester as well as Barbadian/Trinidadian Janelle Forde and Ryan Berkeley of Guyana were given the opportunity to continue to next week’s show for what Hawthorne aptly described as a “second chance”.
In the bottom four were Trinidadian Shannon Kwong and Gregory Williams, Shellane McFarlane and Kimbally Smith of Jamaica. The final two came down to Shellane and Kimbally and the latter was cut for his poor interpretation which according to McDonald-Whyte failed to impress.
Rebecca and the remaining 13 contestants are vying for JA$3 million in prizes including the chance to show at London Fashion Week.

Jamaican Crystal Powell wins on Mission Catwalk episode three
 Episode 3 : Jamaican Crystal Powell emerged the winner on the third episode of Caribbean fashion reality series Mission Catwalk where 14 regional designers had to create a modern garment inspired by the 1920’s “flapper” era.
The 25 year-old, whose design won her tickets to see Shaggy, Eve and Lauryn Hill live in concert, told judges that she drew inspiration from the economic landscape of the past and present:
“Most women could not afford the expensive corsets in the beginning of the turn of the century and in 2012 we are coming out of a recession so women are still budget-conscious. I wanted to make an affordable dress that looked expensive.”
Her floor length cream chiffon dress, lined in cream silk satin, was highlighted with plum-colored matte suede and gold fringe accents at the side and hips. The look was completed with a fascinator and mid-heel shoes.
The 1920’s era wasa time of liberation for the flapper woman, who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz, and scoffed at social and sexual norms of the day. The flapper dress was characterized by a straight, loose fit, dropped waist, bare arms and embellishments that would give the illusion of “flapping” while dancing.
Guest judge Barry Mondrieffe told Crystal, “It’s obvious you did your research. I love this dress very much.” Host and executive producer Keneea Linton-George remarked the garment “looked expensive,” while Jamaica Observer Lifestyle editor Novia Mcdonald-Whyte regarded the entire look as“perfect.”
Crystal and the other designers had a budget of JA$5000 (US$58) to work with-$3000 for fabric from Pablo’s and $2000 for items from Trimmings World. The next best design came from last week’s winner, Belizean Rebecca Stirm; followed by Barbadian Kesia Estwick whose appliqué dress sported an interesting chain fringe. Trinidad’s Ryan Chan rounded out the top four; and was complimented by McDonald-Whyte for his “great eye.”
Safe from elimination were Kerin Scott of Barbados, Shannon Kwong of Trinidad; Janelle Forde who represents countries and Jamaicans Janel Jolly, Shellane McFarlane and Gregory Williams.
In the bottom four were Natalie Rochester of Jamaica and Guyana’s Ryan Berkeley who were allowed to move on to the next episode; while Maria King-Beadle and Keshon Hawthorne were chastised by all judges including menswear designer Carlton Brown for going overboard. Maria, who admitted to not fully grasping the concept, saw her mission come to an end.
The 13 remaining designers, will on episode four, design a garment around a selection from Cinderalla Hats in their quest to grab JA$3 million worth of prizes including the chance to show at London Fashion Week 2012.
Tune in to Television Jamaica every Tuesday at 8:30 PM for the newest episode from Mission Catwalk Season 2, presented by NCB, Supreme Ventures and Digicel. For those in Trinidad the series airs Tuesdays at 9:30 PM on TV6. Mission Catwalk streams online at

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Hi Guys!! I recently discovered shades that make you literally go "OMG" when you see them. I know its been a white since I've done an "Haute Light" , but today is as good a day as any right? Summer is right around the corner , in just a matter of months , all schools will be out , and for my Jamaican massive , if you are a party enthusiastic, all roads lead to ATI/RTI. For my foreigners ATI/RTI is a series of parties that take place over the Independence Weekend in Jamaica. Each party has its own unique theme and people tend to go all out creating their own "stand out" styles. Soooo, if your are looking for stand out shades that will sure to be a showstopper at your party , then check out OMG! Fashion SHADES.

OMG is undeniably the hottest frames to hit the fashion industry and are a must have for the fashion conscious, the eccentric, the sophisticate, and the trend setter.

Founded in Milwaukee, WI, OMG is making statements from New York to Baltimore, Philadelphia to LA and everywhere in between.Their unique fashion forward designs always cause heads to turn and jaws to drop.
Each beautifully detailed creation is made by hand and is quality-crafted to ensure durability and a unique, one of a kind design. No shades are exactly the same.

They use high quality materials such as 100% leather and Swarovski crystals. Additionally spikes, chains, lace, studs and pearls are used to create frames that compliment every wardrobe. We guarantee the highest quality and craftsmanship is evident in every frame. There is also the option of getting custom shades designed to suit your needs :-)

Warning!!!!!! Warning!!! Warning!!!! Wearing these sunglasses will give you T.M.S ( Too Much Swag). They will give you whiplashes from people breaking their necks to stare at you. You will get tons of compliments and "where'd you get those from? Just simply say "I got them from OMG! Fashion shades.

If you have any questions please contact OMG!Fashion Shades at 
omgfashion2011 [!at] 414-852-2972 or OMG Shades on Etsy in your search bar

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Mint Condition

Monday, April 16, 2012
Ashanti decided to pair her mint blazer with white skinny jeans

While Kendall Jenner paired her mint blouse with a white peplum skirt and "futuristic" sandals.

Images may be subject to Copyright.

Manicure Monday : Ruffian Manicure

Hi Guys Happy Monday :-) It has been a rainy weekend in Jamaica but that did not stop me from giving you your weekly nail trend. This Monday it is all about the "Ruffian Manicure". What's that you might ask ... its simply the french manicure ... reversed. Instead of having that tip at the end of your nail , it is the other way around. This time , the "tip" is closer to the cuticle.

You will need :
  • Dark Nail Polish
  • Light Nail Polish

  1. Paint Your nails with the dark nail polish.
  2. Allow nails to dry (fully).
  3. Paint over your nails with the lighter nail polish. Paint it a little way down from that "rounded" part of your nail , and follow that rounded shape.
  4. Repeat this same process for the other hand , and you are done.

Check out the Tutorial on how to create your own "Ruffian Manicure", also check out these pictures below :-)

Images and Video may be subject to Copyright. I hope that i have inspired at least one person to go out and be creative :-)

X Marks the Spot for Britney Spears

Friday, April 13, 2012
The tables have turned for Britney spears, instead of being "judged" , she has officially signed on to be a judge on X-Factor :-) Of course , Britney was not legally able to make this decision on her own , the courts had to give their approval since shes been under conservator-ship. So in order to be a judge , Brit had to get the stamp of approval of a Judge. Weird huh? Well , I'm really happy that she was able to clean up her act , and the best part is , she'll only be 15 million dollars richer each year she serves as a judge. How long do you think she'll last?? Leave a comment :-))

Image may be subject to Copyright

5 Uses of Baking Soda

Uses of Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a chemical compound that appears as a fine powder. This substance has soooo many uses. But the best part is ....... its super cheap!!!! Here are my top 5 uses for baking soda as it relates to beauty.

#1 Hair “Cleanser”:  Add a ½ Teaspoon of baking soda to your shampoo to remove any residue that styling products and shampoo may leave behind. Rinse, as per usual with your favorite conditioner.

#2 Foot care : Treat your feet to a soothing "exfoliation".:-) Simply mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of salt in a small basin with warm water and soak your feet for 15-20 minutes. This will remove all dirt and dead skin from your feet. For an even better treat, take a soft foot scrub to scrub away any extra grime from your feet.

#3 Freshen your Combs and brushes. Add 3 tablespoons of baking soda to a small basin of water with your brushes and combs.  Dip, rinse, air-dry and Voila!!! Your combs and brushes are as good as new. Of course, you would remove all your hair from your combs and brushes.

#4 Do you suffer from H.B.O? No problem!!! I am sure many of my Jamaican readers would have heard about this use from their grandparents. Simply take like 2 teaspoons of baking soda and rub under your armpits... Like deodorant. In a flash, your H.B.O will become non-existent. Tip : Try to make it into a paste by mixing it with water.
#5 To soothe heat rash. I recently heard about this use and i actually tried it to soothe my heat rash. So what you’d do is take a lukewarm bath ( if you don’t have a water heater at your home , simply boil some water and pour it into a basin you are big enough to fit in ) pat dry , then apply a paste of baking soda to the affected areas , leave on for about an hour and a half and you will no longer be scratching like a crazy person.

So there are sooooooooooo many other uses for baking soda. As i stated above , these are my top 5 uses. Would you like to share how you use baking soda? Leave me a comment