Behind The Seams : George Mccaulsky

Hi Guys !! If you have been to the new trendy store for teens called "Teen Bling" on Constant Spring Rd Jamaica, then you would have seen the most stylish fellow helping you to be right on point by selecting the most hip, hot and trendy outfit for your body type. If not , then today Haute People goes "Behind the seams" with George Mccaulsky Professional Stylist.

                                             H.P: What four words describe you?
                                             G.M : I would describe myself as a fun,   loving, creative and unique person.

H.P When did you "Fall in love with Fashion"?
G.M: I fell in love with fashion as kind of an extension of my creativity and i just love how good, confident and powerful the right outfit can make you feel.

H.P:Who are your top 4 designers .. local/international?
G.M: My top 4 designers are Victoria brown, Karl Lagerfeld, Carlton brown and of course Calvin Klein ! ( points to shirt)

H.P :What are the 5 most important things in putting together a look for a client?
G.M : The 5 most important things to consider when putting together a particular look  for clients are:  Budget, Body Type, Occasion or what type of outings the clothes will be used for,client's personal taste and how adventurous the client is when it comes to fashion.

H.P: A "George First " ...tell us about the first time you did something fashion related.
G.M: My first major fashion excursion was working at C.F.W last year, it was an incredible learning experience and i met so many people from all over the world; designers, models, stylists etc and just getting advice and tips from them was the best part.

H.P: "Your passion is fashion" , yet you are a Spanish Major in University ... explain
G.M: I have many passions in life and language is one of them and its something that could help me in breaking into other markets and especially in the Caribbean language, Spanish ,next to English is a major language.

H.P: You shop for clients .. where has the better fashion .. uptown or downtown?
G.M: I would say i like mixing the two and i am all about getting the best value and the best quality wherever has it i will find it!!  budget is another consideration and deadlines of course.There are both inexpensive and expensive good quality clothes in both uptown and downtown locations.

H.P: Is it hard being a male , in what is deemed "a female" dominated industry in Jamaica?
G.M: Sometimes it is hard but i would say only in Jamaica, but i think that will, in the long run work in my favour and will set me apart ,also i find personally that most of my clients are women and no one is more subjective to a woman's appearance than a man. It in essence helps me to do the best job possible

H.P: What do you like the most about your job?
G.M: The thing i like most is seeing the look on my clients faces when that amazing outfit is found and when the entire outfit works and they feel confident, powerful and strong no matter what the occasion or destination.

H.P : You worked backstage at C.F.W, what was that like?
G.M: C.F.W was amazing !!! It was eye-opening and interesting seeing the chaos that brings forth fashion, it taught me how to work under pressure and all while having a smile on your face

H.P:Any words of advice/encouragement for aspiring stylists?
G.M: Keep pressing on,Travel, seek inspiration from every and anywhere and network, anyone in the industry will tell you that  networking can get you booked, get you clients and paired with determination and perseverance can make you unstoppable!!

George Mccaulsky is an Independent Stylist meaning he is not affiliated with any one person or company , you can find George at Teen Bling on Constant Spring Road. He is very knowledgeable and also very reasonable.

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