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Spring it On!!

Friday, March 30, 2012
Hi Guys!! T.G.I.F!! I know i am like so late as it relates to Spring Trends (better late than never right). Anyway , i was doing research and i wanted to make sure that my findings were accurate. Here are the top 11 Trends for Spring 2012. Btw , in Jamaica , we don't really have a spring season per say , we just refer to it as the Easter Season.

1. Cheerful Colour Blocking - I remember doing a post on Colour Blocking, however , i spoke about using neutral colours like black, brown and grey ( you get the picture).This time it is all about Bold Solid Colours. In order to not have a "rainbow bright" look , stick to a maximum of 3 colours. Check out Dulcecandy below:

2. Anoraks - An Anorak is a sort of jacket that is usually worn in rainy weather. They have a "sporty yet rainy" chic. This is of course not ideal for Jamaican weather ( Unless you live in Mandeville or any of those parishes that get really cold).

3. Super Bold Prints - Yup prints are still in for Spring. This time , try to find the ones with bright colours.

4.Oranges and Tangerines - Spring is a time for bright cheerful colours , if you are not the type of person who likes bright cheerful colours , you will not like this trend. Go Bold or Go Home!!

5. Pink Shorts Suits- Who would have thought this trend would have become popular? This is a great way to show off those legs ladies. Please make sure the shorts are not too short so that they expose your "lady parts".

6.Futuristic Prints - The first thing that comes to mind when one says "Prints" is usually Leopard. Well as it relates to Futuristic prints , what i mean are those weird geometric , psychedelic type prints. With this trend you can either go bold and wear "all prints" or more subtle and wear a printed top/bottom and another solid piece.

7.Pastel Shades - This is one of the biggest trends for 2012 overall. Pastel shades are actually colours that are light , they have a certain degree of white added to them to get that soft hue.

8. Colourful Camouflage- That's the same Army/ Soldier prints. I know that the shade of green is probably not the most flattering on any body type , that is why for spring the "fashion peeps" have decided to add some colour. Yay!!

9. Metallic Basics. Think Austin Powers in Gold Member. Metallics are back. I've been seeing them in pants , blazers, dresses and even hot pants. Since this is such an "outstanding" look all on its own , you might wanna mix this look with a solid piece.

10. Peplum - By now you should have all know what a Peplum is, if not please view my post on " A little PEPlum talk. The Peplum is still going strong for spring , the main focus is on skirts, shirts and dresses.

11. Sheer - Sheer is that light airy "see through" material . It requires little or no steaming and is usually worn in countries that have warm climates ( Jamaica) . Quick tip : Make sure to layer your sheer top with a cami or tank) .

Disclaimer : Images may be subject to Copyright. Also , i would not recommend wearing all the Trends at once.

Out and About: Rihanna in London

Thursday, March 29, 2012
I know most of you are probably tired of me posting about  Rihanna , but guess what? She's my favorite artiste .. so this is only the beginning so here i go again!!

Spotted !! Rihanna in London promoting the movie "Battleship".

Disclaimer : Images may be subject to Copyright

Behind the Seams : Nicole Harris

"The rarest things in the world , next to a spirit of discernment , are diamonds and pearls" -Jean de la Bruyere (French Essayist)
It takes a certain flair to create the ultimate fashion accessory. Today, Haute People goes "Behind the Seams", with Jamaican born Jewellery designer "Nicole Harris-Williams.

H.P: When /How did you get into Jewellery Design?
N.H: My line was established in April 2009. I did some basic Jewellery studies at Edna Manley College.

 H.P: What was Nicole like in High school?
 N.H: (chuckles) Nicole was veeerrryyy quiet in school but also very hardworking and conscious.

H.P: What inspires your pieces?
N.H: I usually take a look at the beads first and then the designs come intuitively to me.

H.P: How would you describe/define your line?
N.H: Eclectic but tasteful, absolutely no mass production. Every woman should have that unique piece of jewellery to call her own.

H.P: You also teach Art ... how important is an Artistic  background in Jewellery Design?
N.H: Extremely important! because a thorough knowledge of Art is what separates the intuitive artists from the experts.

H.P: Your designs are Reminiscent of Jamaican Culture .. Why not expand to a more global Market?
N.H: I am still thinking about it. We'll see (smiles) Thanks for the compliment.

H.P: Are diamonds really a girls best friend?      N.H: Not mine (laughs out loud)

H.P: Harry Winston or Micheal Kors?
N.H: Neither, I like to keep things simple.

H.P: Finish the sentence .. I cannot live without my ....
N.H:Water and light (laughs out loud)

H.P: Where can we find your pieces?
N.H: Reach me via FB @ Nickabooh Accessories( fan page) or e-mail me at

H.P: Any other artistic talents?
N.H: PLENTY! Painting, singing, poetry writing and the list goes on.

Check out these pictures below of Jewellery by By "Nickaboo".

To get your hands on these pieces and many more by Nicole , check out her Facebook Fan-page at Nickaboo Accessories or e-mail her at

Wacky Wednesday : Hair Don't

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Hi Guys! Its Wednesdaaaay! You know what that means ... time to serve up wackiness. Ladies , extensions have become a necessity for most of us , however , a sew-in doesn't mean we have to see all the stitches. Check out this young lady below.

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Mission Catwalk Premiere Party : Highlights

Hi guys!!! Today was a phenomenal day. The much anticipated show "Misson Catwalk" finally premiered in Jamaica. I was so excited that i was invited to the Premiere Party at Acropolis in The Barbican Centre. It was a night of fashion , fun and excitement as everyone related to the fashion and entertainment industry came out. Check out the pictures below:

 The Chef ( the food was auh mazing)

Cheese Please :-)

Miss Universe 2012 Contestants

 Cool Leopard Wedges !!

The Fashionista/Designer (Lubrica Kucerova Slovak )  to the left is right on point with pastel colors and color skinnies.

                   Miss Buzz Magazine was so kind to pose for the    camera. Such a cool young lady . Love those earrings!!
 Host of Mission Catwalk Keneea Linton -George about to get
 the show started.

 Contestants Keshon Hawthorne (Right) and Gregory Williams (Left)

 "A toast to Season 2"

 Contestant Shellane McFarlane looks tres chic in one of her own designs.

Mission Catwalk Model (right) poses in her Greek inspired dress with champagne class in hand

 Last Years' winner Shenna Carby also posed for my camera :-)
Check out the back of that dress !! Sooo sorry its a bit blurry guys

 Fashionistas !!!

Contestant Kimbally knows how to make an entrance. Check out that Blazer

Not only did i enjoy the Premiere party , but i also enjoyed the first episode. I seriously cannot wait until next week for the new episode.