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Aidonia To Take Wife :-)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
It has finally been confirmed that Aidonia and his longtime girlfriend Kimberley Megan are in fact engaged. According to , the singer "popped the question" to Kimberley while staying at the Grand Pallidium Hotel on February 25th and she said .. Yes!!!. I guess "bad people" can fall in love too. And "shi have everting fi hold im" . Congrats to them both and check out the pictures below. I swear this girl cannot take a bad picture. All her pictures are really good.

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Wacky Wednesday : Erykah Badu

Hi Guys ! I seriously had to check the calendar to confirm that today is really Wednesday .. Pretty soon it will be Christmas.

Erykah Badu is known for her "classic hippie chic". Today i came across this picture which read "little bag lady". What do you think ? I think shes wearing really nice separate pieces .

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Mascara : Whats Your Favorite ?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Hi Guys ! It is a great day because its Tuesday , and some of my favorite shows will be on later. Anyhoo , today , I've decided to talk a little about Mascara. Well , not really talk , but just show some of my favorite ones.

"Extra lashes go a long way toward adding volume, thickness, and length " -Lauren Conrad

Great Lash -Maybelline New York

Volum' Express : "The Colossal" - Maybelline

Volum' Express : "The Falsies" - Maybelline

 My favorite is the signature "pink and green" Maybelline " Great Lash" . I like the Maybelline brand of mascaras and all their products. What is your favorite Mascara?

Manicure Mondays : "Orange ya Glad Tips "

Monday, February 27, 2012
Hi Guys !!! It is an exceptional Monday Morning , if you are in a bad mood , perk it up and smile :-))))  Firstly , i just wanna give a HUGE shout out to the Republic of Mauritius.
Anyhoo , If you are the type of girl who likes bold , bright colours on your nail ... you will love this nail trend. Instead of polishing the entire nail orange , why not get "orange" tips? This will work if you are a girl like me who likes more subtle colours , but you still want to be right on point.
Ladies , if you decide to embark on this trend ... please make sure you do so with "utmost" Confidence. Only you can be you.

I hope that i have inspired at least ONE person to go out and be creative!!!
Smile it up guys ... its only 4 days until Friday ... Cheers to that :-)

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Rihanna, Chris Brown Look for Love in a Hopeless Place | The Gossip Wire | Gossip

Friday, February 24, 2012
Rihanna, Chris Brown Look for Love in a Hopeless Place | The Gossip Wire | Gossip

Sneak Peek : Project Runway

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Check out this Sneak Peek of Thursdays' Project Runway All Stars.

Polka Dots ? Austin and Kenely

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Wacky Wednesday : Nicki Minaj

Happy Wednesday!! For my Jamaica massive , it is Ash Wednesday and most of us are either a home , at Church or doing some other thing. Really quickly ... do you remember what Nicki Minaj wore to the Grammy's last week? If not , here it is once again. I thought that under her ... errr .. "outfit" , she had on a really auh mazing dress. I was sooo disappointed when the robe was her actual outfit. As they say "When in Rome ... do as the Romans Do" , problem .. she was at the Staples Centre ... in America!!! .

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Chris Brown and Rihanna back together .... On a new track :-))

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
" A relationship is not determined by the amount of pictures you post on Facebook". I am sure if you follow news or any form of Entertainment , you would have seeing pictures of Rihanna and Chris Brown together on Facebook ( these are really old pictures BTW) . Anyhoo , there are rumors that the Singer and her "ex-con" boyfriend are back together. That is partially true. They both collaborated on songs on each others albums. Chris Brown was on Rihannas' new track " Birthday Cake" ... and She was on his track "Turn Up the Music". It has also been alleged that both parties have been pushing their songs on Twitter. To see more check out Rihannas' twitter page @Rihanna ..

The opinions expressed in this post are my won. As human beings we are all entitled to have an opinion :-))

Look- A Likes

A Doppelganger is a double of a living person. Think Katherine and Elaina in Vampire Diaries :-)  Check out this uncanny resemblance below.

James Middleton ( Princess Kate's' brother)

Jude Law ( British Actor)

They are both British and their names begin with the same letter.

Rihannas' Racy Green Gown

Monday, February 20, 2012
It seems Rhi Rhi had a great Birthday ... she tweeted that she will be "pulling an all nighter on her Birthday" and guess who tweeted her? Breezy himself It was a simple tweet, "Happy Birthday Robyn" , and she re tweeted breezy saying "thank you".

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On this day ... Ms Robin "Rihanna" Fenty turns 24 :-)

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Manicure Monday : Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Salon StrengthTreatment

Today , i will take a little detour from the trendier side of "Manicure Monday" , to focus on a more healthier side. I am sure you are all aware of "Sally Hansen " products. If not , Sally Hansen is synonymous with "Nail Products". Anyhoo, if you are like me and have a problem growing long healthy nails ( maybe because you are a "chronic nail biter ).There is a product out there just for us :-) Introducing ..... "Nail Growth Miracle Salon Strength Treatment". This product contains : Exclusive Protein Complex that prompts fast nail growth , as well as Soy Protein which binds moisture to strengthen nails , there is also Keratin which helps to protect nails against splitting, cracking and breaking ( check out to see all the ingredients this product contains.


Shake gently. Apply one coat to clean dry bare nails every other day. Wear as a base coat under your favorite Sally Hansen nail color. Apply two coats of your favorite Sally Hansen nail color and let dry. Apply one coat as a protective top coat. Use one thin coat as needed to refresh manicure. Remove with Sally Hansen Polish Remover.

Available at most Beauty Supplies and High End Pharmacies (Jamaica) , Major Department stores such as Walmart and K. Mart.

Whitney Houston : Bet You Didn't Know

Sunday, February 19, 2012
It is a "Beauteous " Sunday afternoon , calm and free :-) Yesterday a great legend was laid to rest. Here are two quick facts I bet you didn't know.

1. Whitney started off her career as a model. She was scouted because of her natural beauty and was the first black woman to grace the cover of Seventeen Magazine in November 1981. Check out the pictures below.

2. In the 1996 movie " The Preachers' Wife" . The church where Whitney's husband played the Pastor , was the actual church Whitney used to sing at on the choir in her earlier days. It is that same church her body went back to just yesterday for her funeral. The name of it is "The New Hope Baptist Church".

Behind the Seams : Keshon Hawthorne

Friday, February 17, 2012
"Behind the Seams" is a new feature that will highlight people related to the Fashion and Entertainment Industry.

As soon as I saw the "Mission Catwalk" photos on Facebook, i was so excited. I'm so excited that Jamaica finally has a show of this magnitude and that it will be a launching pad for talented new designers. There was one person who stood out to me the most from all those pictures. This person's style was just soo auh mazing that i just had to reach out to him as soon as possible. Today , Haute People goes "Behind the Seams " with up and coming designer Keshon Hawthorne.

H.P: How did you get started in fashion design?
K.H: I got started in fashion designing from high school and then i went to Garmex HEART/NTA Academy to expand my knowledge.
H.P : How would you describe /define your style?
K.H: My sense of style is bold, showstopping, look at me ( points to self and smile ) and edgy but yet chic and classic .
H.P : What do you most enjoy about fashion designing?
K.H :What I enjoy most about fashion designing is that i can express myself as creative person and think out of box to enhance garments for people ( big smile).
H.P : What is the most challenging experience you've come across in fashion designing?
K.H :My most challenging experience in the fashion designing is going on Mission Catwalk because i have to think about the design, type of fabric suitable for my design, how to execute it and also hair and make up all in one day.
H.P : Who are some of your favorite designers ... local and international?
K.H :Local- Keneea Linton-George and Bill Edward, International- Betsey Johnson, Micheal Kors, Marco Jacob, Versace, Christian Sirano, Kevin O'Brien and Donovan Depass.
H.P :What inspires you?
K.H :My Mother inspires me a lot because she was a teenage parent who gave up a lot of stuff just to make me feel comfortable in life, so it Motivates and strengthens me to conquer the world by storm.
H.P : What other skills are important in fashion design?
K.H :Marketing, Branding, styling and Networking.
H.P : Do you think Jamaicans have "revolved " their sense of style? Or do you think there is still a sense of the "uniform" trend .( meaning everybody basically wears the same styles at the same time.)
K.H :YES !!!!!! It has revolved. But some Jamaican people tend to be drawn to the uniformed styles while some persons have their personal Fashion Designer who can customize their garment.
H.P : How can Jamaica benefit from a show like "Mission Catwalk"?
K.H : Jamaica benefits from a show like Mission Catwalk because it gives young fashion designer an opportunity to expose their skill and talent to the World (Local and International).

H.P : Finish the sentence .. " I can't live without my .......
K:H : Glue gun and Glum Stick ...................

H.P : Any words of advice for young and upcoming designers?
K.H : Learn , Live, and Breath the Fashion Industry>Have personality and be focused
> The keyword is RESEARCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out Keshon Hawthorne on Mission Catwalk on TVJ in March :-)

Wacky Wednesday : Rodman

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
It is another exciting Wednesday when i serve up a fresh dose of straight up "wackiness". I was watching something on t.v the other day when i saw Dennis Rodman in the most interesting outfit. Then to make matters worst , he had more pictures of himself in drag. Check out the pictures below.

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Carnival Season Begins!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Soca in my vein , Soca in my blood".  For many Caribbean people it is the start of what we call "Carnival Season". Carnival is that time of the year when people dress in scantily clad costumes and basically "Revel" to the pulsating beats of Soca music. This year Bacchanal has a new home which will be Stadium North . This is due to the fact that a very successful business man and owner of several hotels bought out the regular home of Bacchanal on Oxford Rd. Not to fret Soca Enthusiasts , your new Bacchanal home will be ready for the usual "Bacchanal Fridays" by the 24th of February.

The theme for this year is "Bacchanal Future Shock" and the costumes range from "Avatars to Supernova".

Supernova (male)
Avatar ( female)

For more information , check out the official home of Bacchanal at www.bacchanal There is also a group on Facebook , so as always simple "like" the page to get more information.

A little birdie told me that this year , most people will be going to "Trinidad  Carnival".  Check out these pictures below of Carnival 2011. So if you are the type of person who likes parties and is looking to visit the Caribbean, anytime from January to February is a good time. If you want to experience 'Carnival" first hand , come in April.

Disclaimer : These images are the sole property of , i am not affiliated with this company in any way.

Grammy Highlights : My top 5 looks

Monday, February 13, 2012
1. Rihanna ... hands down!! Not only because i'm a Rihanna fan , but she looked nothing short of auh mazing :-)))

2. Paris Hilton . I have no idea why she was there ,BUT!! she looked really elegant .

3. Taylor Swift . I loved her dress. Wasn't really feeling that high bun , but she pulled it off quite gracefully.

4. Jessie J. This was a very interesting dress. It was different , but it matches her personality

5.Gwyneth Paltrow .This made her look uber toned

BONUS!! Carrie Underwood

Annnnd Adele stole the whole show last night with all her big wins.

Manicure Monday : Kermit Nails

Hi Guys ! it is a great Monday Morning because today is My Birthday  !!! Yaay!! Anyhoo , did any of you happen to catch the Muppets movie that premiered last year? Well O.P.I did a special little collection in light of the movie , called "UNFROGETTABLE COLOURS". In this collection, there are 12 colours. There are 6 Glitters and 6 Reds and Neutrals. The signature colour is "Fresh Frog of Bel Air". This is from the Glitters section. This is a mixture of a light and darker green ( pretty much like Kermit) in the same bottle and its really pretty. Trust me! Green is my least favorite colour.

The best part is ... you get to try it on a :)))) For my American readers , it is available at Professional Salons , including Select Beauty Brands , JC Penny, Pure Beauty , Trade Secret and Ultra. For my fellow Jamaicans , it is available at most Beauty Supplies and all high end pharmacies such as Manor Park Pharmacy  , Lees Pharmacy and Monarch Pharmacy.

I hope that i have encouraged at least ONE person to go out and be creative. Above all , be confident :-))

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:-)))))

No more Mutty

Sunday, February 12, 2012
I know that most people are grieving the loss of Whitney Houston ( my greatest condolences to her family , friends and well wishers) . However , today i thought it made sense to do a brief post on one of Jamaica's own controversial radio host , Wilmot "Mutty" Perkins.

Perkins was born in the parish of Portland , Jamaica and started his career in 1960 on RJR. The first show he hosted was "Whats your Grouse ". The programmes he hosted were all "call ins" , where callers described him as a "spirited" host . People could relate to his programmes because they were deemed as " The poor man's University". 

Did you know that Perkins was sued 28 times? For slander and libel , and he was even sued by Prime Minister Michael Manley and Gordon "Butch" Stewart ? However , all these cases were tried and eventually dropped by the Plaintiffs.

Perkins died at the age of 80 at 1 am on February 10, 2012 in his St. Andrew home and is succeeded by his wife Elaine of 56 years and his two grandsons Jamie and Eden.

A Nation is saddened as we morn the loss of a great pioneer of the Jamaican airwaves.

From Chunky to Hunky

Friday, February 10, 2012
Hi guys , my sincerest apologies for missing a day. I had a hectic day at work yesterday. Anyhoo , i am here :-))
Check out these auh mazing transformations.

Jack Osbourne

Yup , this is the "real" jack . I think that hair cut took off at least 10 pounds. Its great to see him maintaining his new physique. You go Jack!!

Carson Daley 


Back in 1999- 2009 Carson Daley was the larger than life host of MTV 's most acclaimed live show Trl . Now the former V.J has expanded his range on "The Voice".

Al Roker

Its everybodys' favorite weather man.  The NBC anchor opted for "clearer skies" when he lost a significant amount of weight.

Jonah Hill

Remember Superbad? Well , Jonah's major slim down was the total opposite. Looking good Jonah :)))

Disclaimer : The pictures used in this post may be subject to copyright.  I endorse healthy living 100 %

Wacky Wednesday : Bieber Fever !!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
It is that time of the week when we talk about things that are just staright up "Wacky". This week we'll be looking at the interesting stylings of pop icon .. Justin Bieber.  This angelic singer has been known for his boyish good looks , his charm and his fashion. However , this outfit took a turn for the worst ... let's just say ... there is one MORE lonely girl in the world because he wore this outift :-)))

Disclaimer : These pictures are the sole property of OMG! from Yahoo , i do not own the rights , nor am i affiliated with this company in any way. The views expressed are completely my own.