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Monday, December 31, 2012
Hi Guys ! Today i want to say a big THANK YOU to ALL of you who have been with me from the very begining .... this will be a long post as i chose to literally Thank each of you and all the companies i've featured .. all the companies who Sponsored me for various things etc .

Jamie Bentley ( Canada)
Rustico Natural ( U.S.A) ( U.K)
DivaGlam Cosmetics ( U.S.A)
Dhengibrand ( U.S..A)
House of Gems ( U.S.A)
For My Girls Hair ( U.S.A)
Huxton ( U.K)
Lightshandmade( U.S.A)
Pookaberry ( U.S.A)
Bling Bling ( JAM)
Cinderella Hats (JAM)
Tropitopia ( JAM)
Lyrica "The Jamaican Make-Up Artiste" ( Make -Up Artiste) JAM
Stephanie Wallace ( Musician) JAM
The Place by Jamielle
Happi Beads ( JAM)
AccessoRece ( JAM)
A Glass Case
Victorian Woman
Bud Designz
Domestic Diva Designz
Daniel Reid
OMG! Fashion Shades
Advance Courier
Mission Catwalk
AG Select Pr
Keneea Linton-George
Marcia McDonnough
Love Clothing
Lucky Magazine
Kerry Manwomanhome
George Mccaulsky
Peta- Gay Ford
Neacia Dixon
Stephen Josephs
UWI Peeps
Sade Allen
Tamica Gayle
All the Fullgram peeps who encouraged me to start this blog and who read my posts when i handed out my link on paper :-)

If you did not see your name or the name of your company ... please comment and say 'Hey you left me out"


Miss Uwi 2013 Contestants Turns Head at Bin 26 Wine Tasting

All eyes were on the Miss Uwi 2013 Contestants as they made their way to Bin 26 located at Devon House. Bin 26 is Jamaica's premiere wine bar located in the Courtyard of the historic Devon House . This quaint little spot features Molasses Spirits , Liqueurs , Cigars and Boutique and carries over 300 International wines by bottle .

The ladies were hosted by Christopher Reckord one of the Directors of Bin 26 where they were given a crash course in "The World of Wine" , as it relates to Wine Tasting and Wine Etiquette . Devon House became a hot spot that night , as many passers by were intrigued by what was going on and couldn't help but "glance" at the contestants . Popular Lifestyle Entertainment program " E- Prime" was also on the scene and featured the ladies as their Headline story the next day . In case you thought that was all ... the contestants were also featured on "Page 2" of the Jamaica Observer , where only the most Fashionable and Elegant People are featured. Check out the Pictures below.


Remember to follow this Blog for highlights of the Miss Uwi 2013 Pageant 

* Images are the Property of Miss Uwi 2013*

My New Years Resolutions

Friday, December 28, 2012
Hi Guys ! Today i want to share my New Years Resolutions with you . I don't usually make a list like most people , i just try to do better than i did in the last year. Since having a Blog and basically running my own Business my entire life has become a Running Order ( that's PR talk)  I then thought " why not just write stuff down you want to accomplish in 2013 ! The list is below

Eat Healthy and Exercise - I know most of you who know me is probably wondering why do i want to exercise and eat healthy if i'm already so slim . Thing is .. even though i might be slim, i'm not really healthy . I would like to work out at least once a wk for 20 minutes ... mainly Cardio ( since i'm slim)  Also , i'm a picky eater. Unlike most Jamaicans who looove Dumplings and Plantains , and Bananas and Yam and all that .... stuff ... i don't! I only eat Chicken Breast and Seafood in Meat and only rice and pasta. I'm not one of those people "who don't eat anything with a face" , that's just how I've been since a child . However ! I loooooooove Fast food :-( Chinese , Pizza , Burger are my friends . So my goal is to incorporate healthier stuff in my diet . However!!! i will not eat Salad and drink water! That's just crazy .... how does a person get through a day on "bird food"?

Write A Book - It's just something I've always wanted to do! I seriously might not even do this but i figured i would write a page a day , then hopefully it will all come together .

Read all the Magazines on my "Magazine Table" - I guess you could say i collect Magazines . Every month i buy Elle , Glamour , Vogue , In Style and sometimes Allure and maybe Cosmo . The first 4 I've listed is a must . I find that i actually like having the magazines displayed and added to the collection rather than reading them . So Next year i plan to read them all from cover to cover ( If you are an avid reader who would like to send me something send a magazine .. i will love it)

Wear all my clothes - I also collect clothes . Some people buy clothes because they want to wear it out or to create a look . I will actually buy something because i think it will look good in my closet , then i colour coordinate them  and the hangers and just sit and stare at them for a few minutes . I can't help it that i'm a weirdo :-(

Set A Realistic Budget : Most of my money goes into Savings , then bills , then myself . However , i want to set a budget where funds are evenly distributed and i cut back on stuff i don't really need .

Launch a line! This might be an accessory or limited clothing line .. i really don't know

Start Saving Towards a House : I recently got a car and it feels really good to have an asset . But now i want to save towards a house . Right now it seems far away , but so did the car . If there is anybody reading this who has a similar goal like myself and feels that its far away , just start saving! and see how far it takes you.

I know to some people some of these things might seem superficial . But they are my goals that i hope to accomplish

Merry "Belated" Christmas!

Thursday, December 27, 2012
Hi Guys! Soooooooooooo sorry i'm late with the Christmas Post . I haven't been home and i kinda wanted a small "Off the Grid" holiday where i'm not checking e-mails or anything like that. However i was still able to do work for my clients ... i now have clients :-) And its all because of you guys :-))) Thank you soooo much for reading, glancing , subscribing , passing by , critiquing whatever you did to give me views i thank you . I know many of you are reading this and saying " She's just saying that " .  But again i say thank you ... i want to keep this short because i hope to do a similar post New Years Day , where i thank Readers, Sponsors and Clients and just Everybody .

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Make me Over!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Watch as Bethany Makes Over Courtney

* I do not own the rights to this video*

Blogmas ! Christmas Hair , Make Up , Outfit and Clutches ?!

Friday, December 21, 2012
Hi Guys! I looove watching Youtube Vids :-) I learn sooo much and save money from all the Gurus  .. below is one of my favorite Beauty/Fashion Guru sharing some of her Christmas Looks!

Disclaimer : I do not won the rights to this video. It is the property of Macbarbie07

Blogmas ! Christmas Movies

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
It's no secret that i love Christmas .. I love the entire build up that leads to the big day and all the other little stuff in between . Here are my favorite Christmas movies :-)

A Charlie Brown Christmas!

There is just something about the classics that always get to me ... they are entertaining while still have meaning . My favorite part is when they all came together and took that little "half dead" tree and brought it back to life with the spirit of togetherness and decorations . It showed that Christmas is not about gifts .. but a time to reflect and show love to each other.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas ( The Movie)

Jim Carey is my fav Actor . He's just sooo mean and grumpy but really just wanted love the entire time . I kinda felt sorry for the poor little dog who kept giving him hints that he needed to change . That dog did all the chores and carried the sleigh up the very steep Mountain :-( poor doggy

Home Alone 1 & 2

 This brings back memories of my childhood ... when i first got cable waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day . This was the very first Christmas movie i saw and it was good . When i was younger i even wished that one day like Kevin my family would leave me Home Alone and i would order all the pizza i want and not share . However ! it was just last night that i realized how careless Kevin's mother is ! How can you be going on a trip and not ensure your own child is with you ... Negligence!

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Blogmas! A Caroling we Shall Go !

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
I think when i was younger there were church groups that would go around Caroling ... Sadly that has ended . If it does happen , i think those groups will now go to Childrens Home and Shut Ins . There are just certain things i can't image in Jamaica anymore :-( Today i would like to share with you two of my favorite Christmas Carols :-)

All i Want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey

Actually , i love all the songs on this Album

This Christmas - Chris Brown Version

I think Chris Brown is a great Performer .. we all know he can dance ... but i think hes really extra and always showing off  .. but i personally think this is one of the best songs he's done

What are your favorite carols?

Miss Uwi 2013 Contestants Attend Stella Maris 3rd Sunday of Advent

Monday, December 17, 2012
On Sunday December 16, 2012 . The Miss Uwi 2013 contestants attended the Church Service for Third Sunday of Advent, held at the Stella Maris Roman Catholic Church in Kingston . The season of Advent anticipates the second coming of the Lord.

 A special item was rendered by two of the Miss Uwi 2013 Contestants . Kyesha Randall thrilled the congregation with her angelic voice while Sari-Anne Watson complimented her beautifully on her Violin . One of the main purposes of the pageant is to showcase not only beauty but also talent . This item was well received by the more than 500 members of the Church who were in attendance.
The girls were dressed to impress to pay their respect at the church while having a blessed Sunday .

 The Girls with Pastor Rev. Fr . Howard Thompson , PhD of Stella Maris Church . Rev Howard 

Below you will find a video of the performance by Kyesha and Sari-Ann .

This video is the property of Miss Uwi 2013

Blogmas : D-I-Y Chocolate Cake

Hi Guys! Today i would like to share one of my favorite Christmas recipes ... Chocolate Cake!!! I hate  the traditional Christmas Cake with all those stuff in it . My alternative has always been a store bought chocolate cake mix :-) Of course i add my own spin to it .

So , i usually buy a chocolate and vanilla icing ( because i think Vanilla goes with everything) I first coat it with the vanilla , then the chocolate ( Weird right ? )  then i simply add my favorite toppings : Sparkles , nuts or strawberries :-)

Do you have any special recipes ? Feel free to share it here.


Sunday, December 16, 2012
Hi , Guys the Jamaica Blog Awards is right around the corner. It has been a GREAT year for Haute People . Please Nominate HAUTE PEOPLE for BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG . It doesn't matter where you are from. The links are below , its really simple!

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Blogmas ! Holiday Outfits

Saturday, December 15, 2012
Hi Guys , i know its Saturday and i don't usually post on Saturdays but its Blogmas! The holidays are all about sparkle and monochromatic outfits . I thought the timing was right for this post because i went to Half Way Tree last night and apparently a rainbow threw up on everybody there :-( I was literally dizzy ... there was this one lady she was wearing one of those mosaic multi colour tops a neon green pants, yellow shoes an orange bag .. and she had the audacity to wear accessories with all of that . Today , i would like to share 3 holiday trends with you .

Winter White 

You can never go wrong with white for the holidays . There are always theme parties surrounding white in Jamaica . White is however not the easiest color to find , so i would recommend buying it in October or November during "Graduation" season.

Sparkle/ Sequence

In my opinion , Sequence can never go out of style! I think its kinda like make up . You get to do a "build up" . You decide whether you want it to be less or more .


I personally don't like Velvet because of the material , but the "Fashion People" say its in style so its in style . They also recommend wearing it head to toe , we'll see how that one works out.

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Haute Feature : House of Gems

Thursday, December 13, 2012
Hi Guys , today i would like to feature a unique company based in Charlotte , North Carolina that specializes in Handcrafted accessories .

House of Gems was launched over 20 years ago and is the accessory line of Fawziyyah Abdullah .
Abdullah is a Jewelry artiste and a fashion designer who hails from the culturally diverse village of Harlem , New York . Fawziyyah has always had an innate passion for designing jewellery . Her mother nurtured that passion and turned it into a business by the time she was 13. Fawziyyah and her sisters travelled to bead shows to buy supplies and network with other designers and potential clients  . As their skills and experience grew , they were now able to sell at fashion shows and women's events. According to Abdullah , this taught her and her sisters a sense of responsibility and also that they could do anything .

The tag line of this brand is "Wear We're Unique" and the pieces are a true embodiment of that . All pieces are carefully handcrafted and hand painted and of course stylish . The jewelry provides a glimpse into her personal world and authentic self . The main intention was to create pieces for women who wanted to be stylish and unique but at the same time modest . All the pieces are fun , colorful and vibrant

" All my pieces are a part of me and tell a story about my life" - Fawziyyah Abdullah

The modest designer sites nature as her source of inspiration for her pieces. She also expresses that even gets inspiration from dirt to the trees. Above all , her greatest source of inspiration is her family.

I was actually sent 2 pieces to review by House Of Gems.

( Aren't these just vibrant and colourful? )

House of Gems' signature is colour . These earrings are really colourful . They feature two triangles : a larger one that is dark green and a small light green one . It also features a medium orange circle ( well you only see half of that circle from the front) . I have to admit , when i saw these in the package i thought they would be one of those earrings that would be super heavy and weigh down my ear lobes . Guess what  ... they are really light weight even though they are made of wood :-) These were hand painted by Abdullah . These are definitely statement pieces that speak for themselves and should only be worn with a monochromatic outfit to allow its true beauty to shine through :-) I would wear them on a special night out , or a classy daytime casual look :-)

This bracelet is made from memory wire and wraps around your wrists 5 times! If you are a fan of the "Stacking bracelets " trend you will love this piece. It also has golden seed beads , soft pink faux pearls , glass beads and semi-precious stone. Because of its multiple colours , it can be worn with several outfits.  I must say , even thought i just received this piece , it is already my favorite bracelet and I'm not just saying that. The thing is ... i have freakishly tiny wrists and whenever i buy bracelets and bangles , instead of them fitting comfortable on my wrist , they always slide all the way down . Because of the memory wire you are able to adjust it to fit YOUR wrist instead of it being the typical "standard" size. Memory wire is actually a steel spring wire which stretches to retain its shape and expands to fit whatever its wraps around precisely.

Fawziyyah's Jewellery have been showcased in various fashion shows throughout New York and her current home of Charlotte , NC . To see more unique pieces from House of Gems.  The great thing about hand crafted accessories is that you will never find them anywhere else . No pieces are ever truly the same and i feel really special when a person sits down and makes something from their own little visions , then add their unique touch to it.Click the link below.


Banner +Designer Picture : House of Gems
Product Pictures : Haute People

*All photos are subject to copyright*

Blogmas ! Day 4 : Christmas Traditions

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Honestly Guys ... looking back i think this should have been Day 5 ... but let's call it day 4 :-) Today i would like to share with you some of my Christmas Traditions.

One of my Big Christmas traditions is to travel with my family. We leave the 23rd of December every year . The entire family travels ... kinda like Home Alone ( minus leaving a child of course ) but double the chaos . We travel to Tennessee to visit our uncle and his family . Once we are there , on Christmas Eve , we do the whole open gifts thing in the morning , then we have dinner , then open more gifts and take "The Family Picture" :-)) ... After that we usually watch a movie , then everybody slowly drifts off to bed .

I remember when i was younger my Aunts' mother would make us sweaters .. so we would all have matching sweaters :-) lol . We wore them happily too. Check out this picture below ( let's hope none of my "cool" cousins read this ) ...

What are some of your family traditions?

Blogmas : Day 3

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Hi Guys ! I know its been a while since i did a Blogmas post . I have been soooo busy preparing my blog for next year and doing a lot of business related stuff . Today , i want to share my Christmas tree with you . I tried the Kaleidoscope thingie , and it worked out ok ... wasn't 100 % pleased . Plus the place where i had it displayed is a bit of a walk way in my house so people kept moving it .

Make me a Lady ! : Miss UWI 2013 Contestants begin training

Monday, December 10, 2012
Hi Guys ! You know i have to keep you in the loop on all things "Miss Uwi 2013" , because its going to be E-P-I-C and i want you to say you heard it here first :-) Last Saturday , the contestants began formal training for the competition . They were taught how to walk in heels ... gracefully , like a true lady should as well as how to maintain a good strong posture. Check out the photos below:

The ladies were trained by Paula Bulling , Pageant Consultant

Photos are the property of Miss Uwi 2013

Miss Uwi 2013: Fact or "Fiction"

Saturday, December 8, 2012
The Miss UWI 2013 Contestants made their second Public Appearance on Thursday . This time on the party scene at one of Kingston's more popular nightclubs , Fiction . The contestants stepped out with grace , finesse and of course style as they danced to the pulsating beats of some of today's high energy music . The girls were hosted by Kevin Bourke and Gary Matalon Director and CEO of The Kingston Live Entertainment Group ( KLE) owners and operators of Fiction Lounge and Usain Bolts ; Tracks and Records.

Just when it was thought the night could not get any better , the girls were surprised by the "Fastest Man on Earth" , Usain Bolt who made a "cameo" appearance. Bolt being as personable as he is could not resist to bust out a few moves which thrilled the crowd.

It was a great night. The girls danced, laughed and had an overall good time . Remember to check Haute People as i get you "Behind the Scenes" and up and personal with the Miss Uwi 2013 contestants.

Check out the photos below

*Photos are the property of Miss Uwi 2013*

Product Review : Daniel Sandler Polychromatic Eyeshadow , Rosy Tan

Thursday, December 6, 2012 is one of the UK's leading online retailers of 
<a href="">hair extensions</a> 
hair care and beauty productsThey provide a wide range of hair extensions products and over 40 successful beauty, hair care and hair electrical brands. 

Every 3 months i am sent a product/s to review.

I received the Daniel Sandler Polychromatic Eyeshadow in Rosy Tan From Hairtrade to review .

I actually picked this colour because i thought it was very unique and i also wanted something that was a really light pink , but still highly pigmented . I was actually surprised at the size . Its only 2.3 grams . It was packaged nicely in the Hair Trade Plastic Envelope and then with Bubble wrap :-) Packaging is a big thing for me ... and i think hair and beauty products should look "pretty" when they are sent to you , because i feel this motivates you and generally gives you a really happy feeling .

The Product

The retail value of this product is GDP 10.25 . Daniel Sandler is a professional Make Up Artiste who has worked in the beauty industry for 25 years. His products are quick and easy to apply and he made sure that all you need to create a perfect look is 4 products at most .

On the Hairtrade website , the eye shadow is described as " A unique technology combining 

specially coated metallic, pearlised pigments. Formula effortlessly blends without creasing or fading. 

Can be used wet or dry" .

I tried it dry and it was really easy to apply . Being that i am not a professional Make-up artiste , i like products that go on easy without me having to apply several layers for the colour to shine through . The minute i put this color on ... i saw its true beauty. I am of Dark Skin Tone and in the sunlight it looked like a really soft pink "blush" color and in the night .. it had a silverish hue with the just a hint of pink and gold undertones coming through . I liked the fact that it can be used as a crease color to highlight another color for a more dramatic look , or it could also be used by itself to create a subtle daytime look . The product came in a really nice Silver or Chrome flip top pot with the Daniel Sandler name right in the middle . Its really pretty .. i just wanted to stare at it and not even use it.

I did not like the fact that the little pot it came in is really hard to open . I don't know if the one i received was faulty , but when i finally got it to open .. my finger went right on it because of the pressure that was being applied to get it open which left a small dent.

However , this is a great product to have especially for the holiday season , you can create so many looks . To purchase this product and see other available shades , click the link below .

*Images are the property of Haute People*

My Jamaica Epicurean Experience

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
The Jamaica Epicurean Escape is a Gastronomic extravaganza bringing together Gourmet Cuisine , Celebrity Chefs , Fine Wines and Spirits coupled with first class Entertainment and Activities for the entire family . This event was held on December 1-2  at Richmond Estate , St. Ann Jamaica .

There was a lot going on! There were Food Demonstrations ( which i greatly appreciated since I'm not much of a cook ) I liked that each Chef incorporated some of our local products with their own to create affordable nutritious meals . I sat in on the Food Demonstration of Panamanian Chef Patricia Miranda Allen . I was really intrigued by all the Recipes she created and how simple and tasty they were . I enjoyed her Sorrel Salad which contained Jack-fruit , Fresh Cheese , Purple Onion and Cilantro . This was actually my first time Eating Jack-fruit . It is soo fruity and flavorful ... and because of all its goodness all the ingredients complimented it really well . It was really fresh as if all the ingredients were just picked.

Next I made my way through the village and to all the booths. This was where i experienced some problems. I had the Green "Luxury" V.I.P/Media  Band which gave me access to the Luxury Pavilion , Luxury Lounge and other glorious things. However , the volunteers and some of the booths did not know about this and kept telling me to buy tickets which would allow me to have samples from their booths. Since i knew nothing about this , i had to walk all the way back to the front gate to locate the V.I.P Security who then told me to walk back down to another Security who then pointed out Marcia Mcdonnough to me ( The Head Honcho behind the entire event)  who was kind enough to point out all the booths where i could get food without tickets . My recommendations is to have a Briefing Session with all the Volunteers , Securities and Chefs to inform them of all the various levels and what each person can access. I'm a very patient person , but while at the gate trying to find a security i heard another Irate Luxury Band holder "Giving the people at the front gate a peace of her mind in true "Jamaican style" Things like that are reeeeally important . A map of the area would have been great . Speaking of maps , in my package i was told that i would receive a map , however I'm yet to see it . I must however commend the team on Signage and Recycle Bins , there were at least 2 bins at each booth . I don't know about you , but i like it when i don't have to go out of my way to put away my garbage. Below are some of the pictures from the Luxury Pavilion and other Booths . See that lady in the first pic? That's Evita from the famous "Evita's" Restaurant ,  without a doubt , that is the best Pasta I've tasted :-)

The Headliner for Entertainment was Patti La Belle. Guys I'm not gonna lie , i was extremely surprised when i saw her on stage at 4:00 doing her sound check for her performance at 7 :00 . Its not strange for International performers who are booked for an event to not show up . She was also there to showcase her own line of Cooking Products . Below I've ranked the Event in 4 Categories

I liked all the food that i tried and i especially loved the fact that the serving size was just enough , it was too small nor was it too much, it was just right. I got to really taste the food. I would recommend hosting the event in Kingston next year since Richmond Estate is so far away and not everybody in Jamaica has access to a car . I'm a new driver and i had no idea how to get there and i had to resort to a tour bus which was another story ( immature BIG kids)  Ahh boy .

Venue : 6/10 
Food : 8/10
Execution : 8/10
Over all Experience : 9/10

I want to thank all those involved in the event for allowing me to come down as a V.I.P for Free , it means so much to me as a new Blogger . Also , i am looking forward to another staging of the event in 2013 :-) By then i will have my own "Video Team" :-))

If you went to the event on either day , please share your experience

*All Photos are the Property of Haute People*