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People Vs Person

Monday, October 31, 2011
This has NOTHING to do with Fashion or Entertainment but i decided i just had to do this quick grammar lesson , it just makes sense. Today i was at work and some of my colleagues were stating their issues with the company and each other.Three of my colleagues stood up and stated their problems. I however , could not focus on what they were saying ,  i was soooo disturbed by the poor usage of "people" and person".

First Co Worker got up and said " ... the persons who are committing infractions know themselves"
Second Co worker " .. 2 persons said that ..... "

I'll only use these two examples since this will be a relatively short post.

The Case Of Person

The term person CANNOT be pluralised! The only way it would take the "s" is in the case of ownership , and this would be clearly stated by using the apostrophe . Person already means ONE. It is also marked by determiners such as "the" , "that" and so on.

"That persons' bag is on the table".
"The person who took my pen off my desk is clearly a thief"

The Case of People

People is already in its pluralised form! It will and should not take an "s" , except in the case of ethnic groups. For example , Chinese , Indian, Japanese and so on. It should not be used to refer to more than one PERSON.

"There are five people wearing pink today".
"In high school i read about peoples of other lands"

I really hope i shed some light on when to use each word and also in the proper context :-) If not , hit me up

The Ultimate Guide To Walking in Heels

Sunday, October 30, 2011
What better way to exert our sexiness as women than with a pair of "killer heels". I say killer because that's basically what these shoes do .. they kill you slowly.. lol.  When i was in High school , i heard the craziest theory about shoes from a former friend of mine " If the shoes don't hurt your feet .. then they don't look good". Back then i thought she was crazy , but these days I understand what she was saying , the shoes that i get the most compliment on are the ones that hurt my feet the most :-(  Heels are kinda like thongs the first time you wear them , they hurt like crazy and it takes a significant amount of time to get used to them. As always i am here to help you to walk like a supermodel in your heels.

Start out Small :

"You need to crawl before you can walk". This is your first time wearing heels. Start out with maybe two inch heels. This will help you to get a general feel of what is like to walk in heels. Medium height wedges will also work in this case. Wedges unlike high heels , are on one surface and they are also chunkier , which will help you to walk steadier.

"Right -Left March"

This is actually really simple.Practice to walk heel to toe in straight lines. It helps if you say : right-left , right left" when you are walking. It helps if you practice this at home. Tip : If you feel crazy , you are probably doing it right. It is suppose to feel uncomfortable at first. If you do the reverse of this : toe to heel, you are bound to fall flat on your face. Nobody walks like that. Get it right from the onset.

"Baby Steps"

Take small graceful steps. This is not "Mother May I" ( Jamaican Game) . There is no need for you to be taking giant steps or leaps. Also , the aim here is to give the illusion that you have been walking in heels for years. Also , i think you would look pretty crazy taking giant strides in super sexy heels. Don't you?

Practice , Practice, Practice !

Draw a straight line if you must , and practice walking on it. Also , having a good posture when walking in heels is a must. Imagine , there is a string pulling you from the neck , which forces you to walk upright at all times. Mimic other walks.

Wear It!

Wear your heels everywhere. Wear them to the grocery store , wear them to do laundry. The more you walk in them , the better you will be.

Know your Size

"Young girl know yuh size". Ladies, Ladies, Ladies! I cannot say this enough, buy your right size shoes. I had a really bad experience buying the wrong size shoes. I wear a 6 1/2 , and i went into Forever21 and bought a 7 , Not only was the "half" obvious , but i could not walk :-( they kept flopping off my feet . I was neither graceful nor was I #Winning. Tip : wear your size ladies.

These are my tips to walk in heels. Below is an actual video on how to walk in heels , just so you'll get to have a visual image.


Disclaimer : This video is not my own , it is the sole property of "AMIClubwear". I am not affiliated with this person. This video serves as a reference guide to the aforementioned.

Its Coming

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Gleaner Company once again brings us Restaurant week . This goes from November 11-19. One week , 3 cities and 70 Restaurants. The cities are : Kingston, Montego Bay and Ochi Rios. How will i know which restaurants are participating? Look for this and other logos that say "Restaurant week". Also , seeing that The Gleaner Company is the major sponsor, they always make print outs in the paper as it gets closer to the dates of all the participating restaurants.


All participating restaurants will have a pre-selected menu of 3 course dinners that is , appetizer, main course and dessert. The categories are as follows :
  • Tasty $1,450
  • Savory $,2000
  • Delectable $3,000
  • Epicurean $3,800
  • Nyam and Scram $3,800
These prices are per person and do not include beverage, no do they include G.C.T or Gratuity .

On the Prowl : How to Bargain Shop

Are you a "Frugalite"? Do you enjoy shopping and also spending the least amount of money and getting the biggest deals? Then as, always i am here to give you tips and tricks on how to bargain shop.
The word "bargain" means to : "haggle , deal, sell, trade or to barter". Therefore Bargain Shopping means to haggle, sell, trade or barter to get all the best deals possible. It is important to remember that shopping can be regarded as a skill, and like any other skill, it takes practice to get it right.

Make Time :

Most of the stores that offer bargain shopping is not as organised as a regular high end boutique. If you have to , take the entire day. I am not saying to take a day off from work to shop ( that would be crazy).What i mean is to plan a day dedicated to bargain shopping. As i said , shopping is a skill. It takes time to get it right. You will not always find your size in its marked area , it will take a significant amount of time to find your size.

Strategize :

Call ahead if you have to. Find out where the discounted items are in the store and what is the exact mark-down on them. Tip : The good stuff is always in the back. Find a sales person and ask them to show you the exact location. ( sometimes sales agents may not be receptive , but as a consumer you know your rights : refer to my post on "knowing your rights"


Don't be afraid to ask for a better deal. This is the main goal of "bargain shopping". If you find that an item has markings on any type of damage. Be sure to mention this to the sales person and see how they can get the price down. This will not only benefit you , but also them, who wants to be known to sell damaged goods anyway?

Examine your goods :

I cannot stress this enough! Remember , this is a big store with items thrown all over the place. It is quite easy to get caught up in the moment and leave with an item that is damaged and not in the best condition. As I've just stated above , if you examine your item and you realise it is not in good condition , then ask for a mark down. This will save you money. More money , more items :-) See how that works.

Know your policies

My sister bought a pair of shoes in her local mall in the city of Portmore. She bout these shoes on Saturday, wore them on Monday and to her surprise , the shoes came out at the sides. She took it back to the store. , and the manager informed her that the store does not do refunds, however , she can get it fixed for her , of course , she wanted her money. Lesson, know your rights! Find out what all the policies are and most of all GET A RECEIPT!!

These are my person tips and tricks on how to bargain shop. I hope i have helped in some way :-)

Trend Alert!

Friday, October 28, 2011

"Dandy Girl" , with an edge. "So You Think You Can Dance" host Kat Deely , is right on point at a Burberry event recently in her black pleather leggings , crisp white blazer, a black silk tie neck top and an absolutely adorable clutch purse with auh mazing hardware.

Disclaimer : This picture is not my own it is the sole property of Yahoo Omg! I am not affiliated with this company in any way.

Making it all Fit

Thursday, October 27, 2011
I know i have diverted a bit from the " wardrobe building", however i find it necessary to kinda go back to that a bit. Today , i will be telling you how to make it all fit by talking about the various storage methods ( hanging , folding and storing). For the purpose of this post , i will be referring to the three common methods used.

In a Hanging Closet :

Generally, basically everything can be stored in your closet. Remember the last post i did about hangers? Well , you can simply hang all your clothes on either tubular or any other hangers. Guys , if you want the best out of your closet , color co-ordinate! I go from dark to light. Asin , from black to light and also by shirt style. I do long sleeves , 3/4 sleeves, short sleeves , alter tops, spaghetti straps and finally strapless. Then continue that same trend with the next colour. Guys , anything like sweaters should be folded so it doesn't stretch out the shoulders.

On a Shelf

I know most of us would have bookcases/ shelves probably from prep or high school. Well , here is what you can do with that bookshelf . Use it to store your clothes and shoes. Have you ever been to one of those trendy stores and saw them have jeans on the shelves? That's the look you are going for. For sweaters , you would store those items at the bottom. Your bookshelf will also be able to store shoes as well. You can do this in two ways. Either lay out the shoes pair by pair , or you can store them in boxes. For the box method , you will be able to store more however , you will not be able to see them:-( what i would recommend is to take pictures so you can see them on the box).


Drawers are basically for things that " are better left unseen".  Socks, underwear , pajamas, bathing suits and so on. This is due to the lack of visibility. It would be tedious to keep going in and out of drawers for your "good clothes". As for bathing suits , there are those plastic cabinet storage device with drawers. This can be an alternative , incase your drawers are full. These are available at Megamart or Azan ( in Jamaica).

Bewitching Fashion

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
The Secret Circle premiered this fall on the CW Network. It is based on the book trilogy by the author L.J Smith , which follows a normal teenager Cassie Blake as she moves to a strange new town because her mother dies in a fire. Cassie soon discovers that she comes from a long line of powerful witches , and she along with a few other teenagers in town are part of a "Secret Circle" , hence the name:-) This hot new show has cast a spell on its viewers. I was however captivated by the super trendy chic wardrobe and decided to do a commentary on their style.There are four lead female characters. Cassie, Diana, Melissa and Faye. I will now look at each characters' style.


She is the new girl in town and she is extremely angst, this is due to the loss of her mother and also her struggle with the dark and light magic inside her. This complexity in her character is showcased outwardly in her wardrobe choices. Cassie wears a lot of jeans ,dresses, camis and boots. She also wears stacks of bracelets and rings which would seem to be her mothers' old jewellery. I find that a lot of Cassies' clothing is repeated , simply because they wanted to miantain the facade' that she is a "regular girl".  She also wears a lot of leather jackets which symbolises power.


The resident bad girl. Everybody loves a bad girl and especially one who has supernatural powers. Faye has shown that she likes to push boundaries and she does show in her wardrobe. She wears a lot of black tight fitted clothing that leaves very little to the imagination.


Melissa is the best friend of Faye and also her confidant. I find that her character is still developing and this is also showcased in her wardrobe. I will say that she is more of an outcast. Like Faye, she also wears a lot of black tight fitting clothing. However , belts and chains are incorporated into her look


Diana is the self -proclaimed "leader" of the group. She is the overachiever of the group and also seems to be in tuned to school events than the other members of the circle. Diana's style is more polished.Her style may be deemed preppy with a hint of tomboy chic. She wears button down tops , pearls , vests and sweaters.

Are you a Cassie, Melissa, Faye or Diana?

El Tigre

Monday, October 24, 2011
Halloween is right around the corner. However , in Jamaica , it is not as widely celebrated as in the U.S. However , we still have events to commemorate this day. A while back , i did a look i called "El Tigre" which i wanted to wear to a Halloween party :-)  ** Animal Print is so in**

This is a rather simple look to create and you Do Not have to be a professional make- up artist to achieve this look.

You will need:
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black liquid liner
  • Gold Eyeshadow ( various shades)
  • White eyeshadow/ "eye lighter"

Step 1:

Line the water line  and upper lid with black eyeliner. Use the liquid liner to create that "cat-eye" look with the liquid liner by applying it to the outer corner of the eye.

Step 2:

Use the liquid liner to draw "tiger stripes" just outside the corner of the eye ( that area right between the top part of your earlobe and your forehead. And you heard me right , "draw" or trace lines along that little area of the face.

Step 3:

Use the gold eyeshadow/s to fill the spaces between the stripes that you have drawn.

Step 4

Use the white eyeshadow to trace along the black stripes that you have drawn , this will give you that tiger look and it will also make the gold eyeshadow brigther.

Step 5:

Highlight or line the brows with your favorite brow pencil or eyeliner.

Step 6 :
Put on your costume and go :-)


My finished look. Rrrr!

Do you know your Pro-V?

I have been a "Pantene Girl" all my life, meaning , for as far back as i can remember , i have been using Pantene products. However ! there are so many new products on the market that one can be confused as it relates to buying the one for you. Gone are the days when there was one shampoo and one conditioner that works on all hair types. I am here to help you select the Pantene that will best suit your needs :-)

Classic Care
 This is the "original" shampoo and conditioner.  This is the most "basic " product from Pantene that nourishes and protects to keep hair healthy for a "classic look".  The signature "blue" one the bottle makes this Original Pro -V  easy to spot.

Fine Hair Solutions

Did you know that fine hair has 50% less protein than thick hair? This leaves hair limp and weak and "dingy". Pantene Pro-V Fine Solutions is designed to reinforce the structure of fine hair giving it a fuller and healthier look. To identify this product , look for the orange or tangerine colour. If you have thin hair , this Pantene is for you.

Medium to Thick Solution

I really apologise for the poor quality of this image. This is actually "Medium to thick: from breakage to strength". This is for medium type hair. Hair that is not exactly thin nor is it too thick. This product has the ability to protect your hair from breakage from strand to strand and also from root to tip. You can get back to your strong shiny "roots" in a flash. Now , in order to identify this Pantene , look for the "pink" below the blue :-)

Curly Hair Solution

Show off your beautiful curls with this product. This is mainly for women who have naturally curly hair. Because of all the twists and turns in curly hair , it can leave cuticles exposed , thereby leaving hair dry and rough. This will help to restore moisture as well as to soften your curls leaving them shiny and protected from frizz and damage. You can spot this product by the "pink" flowery design.

Relaxed and Natural

This is for "ethnic or African American hair" . This type of hair is quite different from most other ethic groups , it has a kinky , wavy look and is much harder to control. This product is enriched with moisturizing oils that nourish and help restore the natural beauty of hair for women of colour. Now , one cannot miss this bottle , it is the colour of coco ... ironic much?

Colour Solutions

When hair is coloured it becomes weak and susceptible to damage because each time you colour your hair , the layer that protects each fibre of hair depletes . This product not only adds back essential nutrients but it also leaves your colour radiant , vibrant and shiny. You can easily identify this product , by its brownish gold look.

Nature Fusion

If you are a nature enthusiast , this product is for you, It is not specific to colored or African hair so it is safe on all hair types. This is made from natures' own CASSIA , to infuse hair  with strength and shine. This also makes hair 10x stronger . Also , this bottle is completely plant based which makes it more sustainable and also makes the planet safer. Pick up your bottle of Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion today at your local beauty supply store to not only leave you with beautiful hair , but it will reduce your carbon footprints.

The Products mentioned in this post is from the list of products from the various collection names, there are also other products used for treatments for each specific hair types that were not mentioned. Now that you are familiar wth some of these products , do you know your Pro-V?

Disclaimer : I am not affiliated with Pantene Pro-V in any way , all images and videos shown are the sole propery of they are not my own.

Sky High Style

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guys ! Have you seen Pan Am? It premiered Sunday September 25 on ABC. It is a drama filled series which has an ensemble cast and the story is formulated around the airline industry in the 60s as well as the stories of the glamorous lives of four women ( Kate , Laura ,Maggie and Colette).

The 60s was a time where travelling was an event and the fashion itself was first class. This was also a time of adventure , intrigue and of course impeccable style. This season , the 1960s has made its way on the silver screen  , runways and of course in stores. It is quite simple to be a part of this trend. As always i am here to tell you how.


The 60s was a time where femininity was celebrated. A woman was always supposed to be classy and elegant. What better way to say elegance , than with pearls. Pearls are a timeless piece and they can never go out of style.

Over Sized Leather Bag

Think "lay over" style. This bag is big enough to hold all your daily necessities and definitely big enough to store all your items if you decide to go on your very own weekend getaway :-)

Patent Leather Pumps

What better way to polish off the look than with a pair of leather pumps. As you might have noticed , patent leather was a big trend in the 60s. It is not real leather but it looks like leather without the "leather" price. Pumps also add that "va va voom" sexy to any outfit , it adds heights and lifts the derriere :-)

 Check out Pan Am every Sunday on ABC at 10 /9 c p.m

Le Beauty Bag Essentials 101

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Are you one of those women who carry everything in your handbag but the kitchen sink? That means that you probably have a small "pouch"like bag buried somewhere beneath all that stuff. I am appalled to know that most women DO NOT have one , how can you not have one?  What is a beauty bag btw? It is a bag that is big enough to hold all your essential items but small enough to hold in your handbag. As always , i am here to help you decide what products to take in the bag.

Pads/ tampons : Ladies! Never leave home with either of these . Sometimes our "Little friend" has a tendency to show up un-announced.

Make-up : It is essential to maintain a "fresh look" throughout the day. Make-up is essential for a "quick fix".

Hand Sanitiser: Omg! I am obsessed with these. They are a must have for all beauty bags especially in these times when there are diseases emerging everyday.

Lotion : Sometimes when I wash my hands , my skin tends to dry out , it is great to have lotion to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day.

Tissue: I always walk with my own tissue. This might seem a bit ghetto . but i always love to be prepared .

Medication: Pills , alcohol and so on. You never know when a headache might hit , or even the flu or any ailments.

Brush / Comb:Sometimes your hair will go awry and its good to walk with your brush and comb combo to keep your hair in place.

Pins: Safety pins are always good to have around.

Hair clip/ bobby pins : These have multiple uses. They can help to keep your hair in a nice ponytail away from your face , or they can be used to hold all your loose pieces in order.

I know that this might seem like a lot of items to carry around in such a small bag , but its truly not. You might be surprised at the number of items women stuff in their beauty bag.

The Dandy Girl Look

"Different though the sexes are, they intermix, In every human being a vacillation from one sex to the other takes place and often it is only the clothes that keep the male or female likeness, while underneath the sex is very opposite of what it is above".
                  -Virginia Wolf

In the 1980s , women began to push the envelope by dressing as their male counterparts. This was demonstrated since the advent of feminism , where tight clothing clinging to the skin was not the only way for women to express their femininity. The 80s was a time where successful women who could demonstrate that she was equal to men basically wore pant suits and ties as "uniforms" in essence.

The 21st Century introduced a similar trend / look known as "The Dandy Girl look" where young women have adopted a similar decorum as the 80s era. This trend however has clearly been revamped and bumped into high gear. Instead of the pant suits being loose and baggy , they are now more fitted. In a previous blog , i spoke briefly about this trend . I will now go into detail .

The Dandy Girl look is quite easy to achieve . The main goal is to look like a man while being a woman ... get it? Here is how :

  • Tailored Suits :  These are mainly pant suits and  can consist of jackets and vests. Whether or not you decide to go baggy or fitted , be sure that the suit is "tailored" to fit YOU. It should not look as if you borrowed a suit from your Grandfathers' closet.

  • Accessories : These can range from bow ties to suspenders. These are what will give you that "Dandy Girl Look".

It is important to note that in order to pull off this look confidence is key.

Hart of Dixie

Monday, October 17, 2011
This is one of my new favorite t.v shows for this season. I am really excited that Rachel Bilson is back on t.v because i really loved her as "Summer" in "The O.C". I must say she truly delivers. She plays a D.r from New York who did not get to follow in her fathers' footsteps as a cardiovascular surgeon simply because she was all about her job instead of about caring about the actual people shes comes in contact with on a daily basis. Anyway , she is offered a job in Alabama to share the practice with a man who is mean and headstrong  and not amused by her antics or charm. It is really fun to see how the story develops each week . This t.v show has drama, comedy ,romance and even tragedy. I would recommend that if you are not too busy on a Monday night from 8-9 give Hart of Dixie a Chance.

The Most Memorable T.V Hairstyles

Saturday, October 15, 2011
They often say that scent always leaves a lingering memory. You might not always remember the way a person looked or the way they were dressed. Anyhoo , what if , a person had such a unique or flamboyant hairstyle that it left a mark on you , and the rest of the world. The hairsyles im about to show are in no particular order and they are from the shows i remember watching as a young child growing up.

Marge Simpson

Rachel Green ( Friends)

Carrie Bradshaw ( Sex and the City)

Chrissy Snow ( three's company) 

D.j Tanner ( Full House)

Denise Huxtable ( A diffrent World , The Cosby show)

Felicity Porter ( Felicity)

Kelly Kapowski ( Saved by the bell)

Marcia Brady ( The Brady Bunch) Marcia , Marcia ,Marcia!

Mrs. Brady ( The Brady Bunch)

Peg Bundy ( Married with Children)

Punky Brewster ( Punky Brewster)

Tootie ( The Facts of life)

10 Foods that make you Gorgeous

1. Chicken : It helps produce hair boosting keratin.

2. Salmon : It contains omega 3 acids which maintains oils that keep your scalp and hair healthier.

3. Strawberries : They are packed with vitamin C , which has anti wrinkle power! Stop aging today , buy picking up some strawberries. If you are not able to manage the texture of the strawberry itself , you can add whipped cream :-)

4.Tomatoes : Huh? Yup , their lycopene helps to protect skin from the sun: luetin helps hydrate. Also  they are great for those red blood cells.

5. Oysters : And no these do not only serve as aphrodisiacs . The zinc in them boosts hair growth and my even prevent breakouts.

6. Water : Good old H2O ( for all my fellow nerds This is the best hydrator for your whole system.

7. Low fat Yogurt. : I must be really honest , i hate low- fat items. i feel they lack that rich sugary taste as the regular products. Anyhoo , its calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth.

8. Dark Chocolate : Another of my "hate foods" , it is like so bitter :-(  According to experts , its flavonoids fight skin damaging free radicals. In other words , contrary to what we were all taught , chocolate actually fights against break outs instead of cause them. Chances are , there are other factors which cause breakouts in some people.

9. Green Tea : We all know green tea is rich in anti-oxidants , which reduce the effects of environmental skin damage.

10. Horsetail Green Tea : I know this sounds like one of those teas that you would get in Switzerland or somewhere way out , but it is actually just another type of green tea. This contains nail-strengthening silica.

The Pencil Skirt

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Pencil Skirt was invented by Christian Dior in the 1950s as an alternative to full and flare skirts. This design was deemed as the " New Style look". The pencil skirt made its debut in the 1952 film "Singin' in the Rain" , where Debbie Reynolds played a smart and sensible young woman alongside actor Gene Kelly. Since then, the Pencil Skirt has become a wardrobe staple for every woman who enjoys being sexy , yet subtle by not giving too much away.

The Pencil Skirt when paired with heels can have a hypnotic effect on the male psyche. It inhibits movement and can have its wearer adopting a sinuous swaying walk. This clever little design can bring out the prostitute in a proper lady by elegantly fooling her first , then the whole world :-)

The Pencil Skirt is the garment of choice for Burlesque performer Dita Von Teese. She believes that it gives her a sexy retro feel , that takes her back to a time when a woman's sexuality was celebrated instead of chastised.

Do you own a pencil skirt?