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Clean Sweep

Friday, September 30, 2011
I recently came across this product while reading the October issue of Glamour Magazine. It is called the One Sweep Eye Shadow by Loreal Paris. This is a one of a kind eyeshadow in a compact and comes with three complimenting shades from dark to light andyou are able to achieve a professional in literally 1 single sweep. Here is how:

Step 1: Sweep down

Make sure the applicator sponge is aligned with the curve of the eyeshadow compact , and simply sweep it across.

Step 2 : Sweep Across

Make sure the darkest shadow is sweept on the lower right lid , that means that the handle of the applicator shuld be facing outwards. Its really easy , all you genrally have to do is match shapes. Repeat with your left eye.

Srep 3 : Finish !

Style and go!

Knowing your Rights

We all buy stuff . Did you know that as a consumer , there are certain rights you are entitled to? I find that in Jamaica we are not too keen on these rights ,.both the consumer and trader.

Any item you buy from a trader (eg shop or online shop) must be:
  • of satisfactory quality 
  • fit for purpose 
  • as described
If it isn’t, the item is faulty and you can usually get one of the following:
  • repair
  • replacement
  • refund
You may also have other rights depending on where you bought the item and how you paid for it.

Returning a faulty item

If something you bought is faulty, tell the trader as soon as possible. This may be by taking the item back to the shop or contacting the trader to let them know there is a problem.
You will need to provide a proof of purchase, eg a receipt or invoice. Some traders may accept a credit card bill or bank statement, eg if months have passed since you bought the item.
You can’t take back an item if you caused the fault. For example, if you dropped a mobile phone and cracked the screen or didn’t follow care instructions for clothes.

 A warranty gives you extra rights, eg to a repair or replacement when something goes wrong. Check the details of your policy to see if you can claim.

Refunds and faulty goods

A trader will usually offer you a refund for a faulty item if you:
  • have proof of purchase, eg a receipt
  • haven’t had a chance to use the item or have only used the item a few times
If you’ve had or used the item for a longer period of time, by law you have ‘accepted’ the goods. You won’t be entitled to a refund, but the trader should offer to repair or replace the item.
A repair must fix the original fault (eg a broken zip). If it doesn’t, you can then ask for either a refund or replacement.
You may need to get legal advice about whether you have accepted the goods.
For example, you probably wouldn’t have the right to a refund if you used a curling iron for months and the plates broke.
Each situation will be different, so it’s best to speak to the trader as soon as you discover the fault.

Repairs and replacements for faulty items

If a trader won’t give you a refund for a faulty item, they should usually offer to repair or replace the item for free. This may apply even if you’ve had good use out of the item. It depends on:

• what you paid for the item
• how long you’ve had it
• how long it’s expected to last
For example, if a fridge you bought for $750,000 broke after seven months, you would probably get a free repair. But if the same fridge broke after four years, you may have to pay towards the cost of a repair.
The law here is complex and you may need to get legal advice about whether the trader should offer to repair, replace or refund the item.

If a repair or replacement isn’t practical

A trader doesn’t have to offer you a replacement or repair if:
  • it’s too costly for the trader
  • it will take too long
  • it will cause you significant inconvenience, eg you’ll be without a phone for months
If this happens, the trader should either:
  • offer you a partial refund if you return the item (to allow for the use you’ve had from it)
  • let you keep the item and give you a reduction in price for the fault

Proving goods are faulty

If you bought the item within the last six months, it’s the trader’s responsibility to prove the item wasn’t faulty when you bought it.
If you bought your item over six months ago, you may have to prove the fault was not caused by accidental damage or wear and tear. You can do this by getting a second opinion from an independent expert.

These are some general and very basic rights that we are entitled to as consumers. Be sure to ask each store you go to their policies. And always keep your receipt.

How to : Wear your Old Navy Breezy Blouse

Thursday, September 29, 2011
"I'm wearing my new blouse". That commercial is so catchy :-) Old Navy brings us the new "Breezy Blouse " for only $15 , which  rounds off to roughly JMD $1300. I know , i know  i am in Jamaica and we may not have the exact breezy blouse , but there is always an alternative. The breezy blouse comes in three main styles , rolled up 3/4 collared blouse , the floral print and the sheer tie- neck blouse. I am sure we can find these in almost every store. I guarantee it guys .. hold me to it :-).  As promised , here are three fun ways to wear this hot new trend.

Button down collared top with flare jeans pants .

For this look , the blouse should be tucked in the jeans , then you can add a skinny belt , a long necklace and on your feed , wedges ( remember my post on "jeanology"? )

Floral Print Breezy Blouse 

This one , i would simply wear with shorts , sandals and add some accessories. This particular top fits loosely , so you will therefore need a more fitted bottom.

Tie Neck Breezy Top

This breezy has a more elegant dressy look. It can be worn with skirts or skinny jeans and heels.

We all have different styles and i am sure some people might wear these breezy tops in different ways. Remember , fashion is dynamic , anybody can be fashionable , but not everybody can have style :-)

Disclaimer : I am not affiliated with Old Navy in any way nor am i a distributor of their products.


Country Singer Taylor Swift will debut her first fragrance "Wonderstruck" in October. This frageance is inspired by the lyrics of Swifts' song " Enchanted".
‘I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home’.

"Scent is the one thing that is tied to memory. Swift wanted her fans to have relived that moment when you are falling in love and you are "compelled" by your lover , and in that one moment you are "Wonderstruck". This fragrance is said to be divine  and will be a "rustic" scent  ( woody and fruity) and is to consist of  apple blossom , raspberry , vanilla  and also honeysuckle and white hibiscus. The bottle is a regal purple colour and is laced with charms and and a never-before-used iridescent rainbow finish which allows for a lit-from-within glow".

This will be available in Macy's , you will also receive a lovely purple handbag with your purchase. For my Jamaican massive , i am soooo sorry , i just checked Macy's and there is no shipping to International Shoppers ( at this time i hope). I can guarantee you that this will be available in your local jewelery store for like 3 times the amount as Macy's :-) .

"Crack a bottle"

Does anyone remember the CoverGirl Crackle nail lacquers?  Well , they popped up like 5 years ago in most beauty stores and they came out of style as quickly as they came in. However! Crackle Polish is back with a vengeance. This nail polish has been revamped and there is also a lot more variety.This new fun nail trend is quick and easy to do and you can have salon quality nails in as little as 15 minutes depending on how quickly you can paint. This look can be achieved in 3 easy steps. Yes , you heard me right . 1-2-3 easy steps :-)

 Above is a video from Youtube of a "Crackle Nail demonstration" . This video tutorial takes a little more time than my easy steps , but it's always great to learn something new. Knowledge can never be too much.


Step 1 : Paint Base coat.
  • It can be any regular nail polish , and will serve as sort of the "background colour" of the nail.Please make sure your nails are clean.

Step 2 : Paint on Crackle Coat

  • Make sure your base color has completely dried. Simply paint the "Crackle Polish" on , then watch to see like magic as it forms that "crackle look". If you want a more lasting look , paint on another coat of the crackle polish.

Step 3 : Paint top Coat.
  • This can be any regular top coat. In Jamaica we know this as " the clear/natural colour nail polish". Thats the one that goes on top. This will give it that glossy salon look.

 If you dare to be different , mix it up with bold colours. For example , if your base coat was red , you may choose a yellow "crackle colour".

This look is so easy , fun, cool and creative. I guarantee you that people will stare in amazement at your beautiful nails. Below is a small gallery of the "crackle look".

The Best Fall Skirts for your Shape

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
I know most women spend the least amount of time and money picking out skirts. This my be because they feel that skirts rarely compliment their figures.  It is time to go shopping for the style that makes the most out of that hot body you're hiding. I will be highlighting 4 body shapes in this post.

A little tummy

Lets face it , we are far from perfect. The battle of the bulge is one of the major problems facing most women. This can be disguised by skirts that have waistebands. It would be good if you can find a skirt that has a dark waistband. An angled skirt would also be good because it draws the eyes down. The focus will be on your legs and torso , but not your tummy.

Petite and or Curvy

It is so hard to find skirts for short people. Omg! ( I'm short so i know) . If you find one that really fits you , the length will be totally off. It is either it is too long or it is too short. I like to get skirts that fits higher up at the waistline because it gives the illusion of longer legs , while the waistband also accentuates my small waist.

Plus Size

Most plus size women tend to shy away from wearing skirts because they feel they are exposing too much of their body. The trick is to wear skirts that are at least 2 inches below the knees. Also , stay away from prints and horizontal stripes. Focus on skirts that you can move the waistband upwards. A high waisted skirt will do fine.

Straight up and Down

Pleats give the illusion of curves . They will fill you out more and give you a more womanly figure. Skirts with ruching may add a little oomph to your straight figure . Also , try to find skirts that have bright colours. Remember darker colours slims you down , and you already have a straight frame.

Hair Etiquette

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
I think its high time for me to talk about HAIR ETIQUETTE. I’m Jamaican. I live in a predominantely black society. As we all know most black women wear hair weave.

A hair weave is a very general term used to describe human or artificial hair used to alter one’s natural hair appearance by adding additional hair to one’s natural hair. A womans’ hair is often seen as a symbol of her beauty and personality. As Black women we are able to “swtich” races depending on the type of weave we buy. One month we may be Ms Swan from North Korea … the next month we may even be Priyah from India lol.


With that said , there are certain rules as it relates to black hair.

1. It is NEVER ok to touch , pull ,pat or stroke a black person’s hair without their permission. A fresh hairdo is not an invitation to “frolic” in my hair. Thats just rude and also weird, are you some kind of perv? I’m not touching your hair or any other thing on your body. Its quite simple really “Look but don’t touch”.

2. Under no circumstances is it ok to ask me if my hair is real … What do you think? Did you see me with that hair last month? I’m not a genie nor am i Ken Paves .. im not able to make my hair “magically” grow.

3. If there is an event or ocassion where water is involved … don’t expect me to go. Remember .. it is not my hair! Water is therefore my greatest enemy.

4. Do not make back handed comments where my hair is involved. For example “ I love your weave , where did you get it? or “I love that lace front wig. WIG ! WIG! WIG! WIG! I’m not saying its a secret that i’m wearing a weave .. im not ashamed. But why must you put me on blast! Its not like i said to you ” Jeez , i love your fake Coach bag , did you buy it on the street ? or OMG! i really love your fake  Jordans” . Lets be civilized. (this has never happened to me .. if it did i’m sure i’d have a really wonderful comeback :-)

5. It is mine because i have paid for it. I have my receipt. # Enough said#

6. Don’t assume that just because i wear a weave i have no hair on my head. Thats just crazy. What if i like wearing a weave? Did you ever think about that.

7. Guys … never expect a Black woman to go to bed without her head scarf. Hair is very expensive. We have to find ways to preserve it. Its bad enough you made us sweat the perm out at the front , the least you can do is allow us to wear the  head scarf. Its not that bad .. really. Simply turn around if you think we look crazy with it on. Chances are , we’re doing this so you can be proud to walk with us in the daylight. Its a win- win situation.

Gone are the days when women would shy away from talking about their hair, especially whether its real or not. Women today are more open and aware about the different types of hair that are available to them. However, with all this talk of openess and liberation , it is still a smart idea to use your discretion. Remember not all women are the same , some are really defensive and may even resort to forms of violence if you touch their hair etc …lol ( its true).


#thats all#


Sweet Treats For your Feet

Saturday, September 24, 2011
As women ,we all looooove shoes. There is a saying that goes " if a shoe doesn't hurt .. it is not a hott pair of shoes. Wearing 5 inch heels can take a toll on out feet. Wearing fancy shoes can leave you with unsightly blisters, corns and sores. There are so many new products on the market these days to keep our feet looking and feeling healthy. Some of these are not only for our feet but also for the beautification of our shoes :-)

Cushioned Insoles

These add cushioning  to all shoes even high heels. They are desinged to reduce foot pain , and also has a sticky back which will guarantee that they will always stay in place. These insoles will not show... even in peep toes.


 Heel Guards

These are designed to make shoes fit better and also prevents blisters  and hot spots at the heels. These also come with sticky backs to keep the guards securely in place.

Fast Flats

This product was designed by Dr Scholls for women. They are actually foldable, rollable and of course stylish flats. They are available in three sizes and can be found in the footcare isle at your local pharmacy.These shoes are really comfortable and feel as if you are walking on air.

I am sure there are lots of auh mazing products , but these are my favorite.

Its a Colour Block!

Friday, September 23, 2011
I am pretty sure we have been seeing celebrities wearing some really brightly colored clothing that we might wonder how they got those colors to go  together .. yet we also stop and say  .. " hmmm , that's' not a bad look at all, maybe i can try this. Color blocking is alot easier than you thought and you DO NOT have to go out and buy three different outfits to make one outfit. Colour blocking simply means putting areas of block or solid colors together. These can be bright colours or even neutral colours . The goal here is to create a look where the colors you select must either compliment or contrast to each other.Colour Blocking is not only limited to clothing , this trend is also popular in shoes and accessories.





Rihanna :-)

Product Review

Black Opal Creme Stick Foundation :

As I've stated in a previous post , i am not a Black Opal fan. However, these days i find myself trying a lot of their products. Anyway, i recently bought the Black Opal Creme Stick Foundation. I must say , i give this product a 7 out of 10 ( just because i'm not a Black Opal fan. Sometimes we all have something to hide and this product does just that. It gives full coverage with a velvet finish and it has SPF 8. Best of all , it wont clog your pores. I especially love the portability of this product , it is like a big chunky lipstick. Finally , it retails for only $990. You can find this and all Black Opal products at your favorite makeup store : Scensensations , Urban Beauty , Body Accents and so on. Also ! you can find it at your local wholesale ( Clocktower located in Halfway tree .. some of these wholesales take debit cards).

Herbal Cleanser : Organic Root Stimulator

This product is auh mazing! This particular one is lavender scented. I really like that it has a nice girly color :-) This product leaves your hair feeling and smelling clean. It has a really weird "tingle" that is if your scalp is "raised" ( that simply means that you scratched your hair whereby causing your scalp to become "raised". ) The only thing i did not like about this product is that it comes in a liquid form instead of a dry foamy form as the name suggests. I find that it is rather time consuming to section your hair , then use a damp cloth or cotton to remove the excess oil and dirt from your hair. I would have loved for it to be in a foam , where you simply spray in your hands and rub in your hair , then like magic , you have clean fresh hair without a single drop of water touching it. This is also reasonably priced , it retails for only $575 and can be found in most beauty supply stores , high end supermarkets and pharmacies like MegaMart and Monarch Pharmacy.


These views are solely my own , i am not affiliated with Black Opal or Root Stimulator in any way.

How to wash a Cotton Cardigan

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Initially , i wanted to do a "How to post" on "How to wash sweaters and coats , then i realised that hardly anybody wears sweaters or coats in Jamaica. The cardigan is a really light , fun , cool, casual/ dressy type of sweater , and everybody wears them. So here are tips on how to properly wash your cardigan.

You will need :

  • Laundry Detergent
  • Washing Machine

Machine Wash :

On the Temperature setting select  "cold ". Warm water will cause shrinkage , because of the cotton material. Also , make sure that you wash your cardigan with like colors and also like materials. Remember, each material require a different setting , so please spend time to stratigize your laundry. Finally , from you general settings , select " Delicate or Casual". Cotton is a relatively light weight material so it will not need a high setting.

Hand wash :

Treat areas with stains. I know this sounds fancy and expensive , but its really not. In a previous post , i spoke about certain tricks we Jamaicans use to keep our whites white. This is just the same. For the armpits and neckline , lather those areas with "cake soap" and let soak for 30 seconds. If there are stains, a diluted solution of Hydrogen Peroxide can be added to those areas. After you have treated your garment , simply wash for about a minute. DO NOT USE A WASHING BRUSH! This will ruin your cardigan. No Washing Brushes!

Drying :

Air dry your cardigan! Remember heat will cause shrinkage , so try to keep your cardigan away from the dryer unless there is an extreme circumstance. Try not to wring your garment too much. Cotton is a material that tends to get worn out quite easily. Sometimes when we wring cotton , it tends to lessen the life of that particular garment. Nobody wants to walk around wearing a worn out cardigan.

Properly washing your Cardigan is a lot easier that you thought.

More from Kandiiz Kloset

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
I did a recent blog on this store .. and they now have new stock for the month of September. Below are some of their latest additions.
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