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Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Ciara steps out in Caramel Coloured Leather pants! These pants are on the "trends to look out for" list for this fall.

Disclaimer : I do not own this picture. It belongs to OMG! yahoo.

How To keep your whites bright

Washing white clothing can be quite fickle. There is obviously a weird chemical imbalance created with sweat a cotton t -shirt and deodorant.There is always an unsightly yellow residue. I have come up with a list of tips and tricks to keep your whites looking oh so auh mazing :-)

The Jamaican Way : In Jamaica, we have a blue bar soap known as "cake soap". This small bar of soap is quite potent. It is used to wash whites and delicates. Here is how it works:

  • First, create a lather at the armpits of your favourite white garment and all other areas where stains are visible.
  • Make sure the shirt has been properly lathered. There should be 100% effervescent rate ( Bubbles).
  • In a small wash pan , filled with water , add half cork of bleach.
  • Place lathered shirt in partially bleached water.
  • For best results, place wash pan in the sun for around 15 minutes and cover it with a clear plastic. If you want your shirt to be really white. Let the wash pan stand for over night.Also, if you are like me and are not "domesticated" there is the option of buying the cake soap in white. This will eliminate that "bluish" look
Soak the stained area in hydrogen peroxide. Be sure to dilute the hydrogen peroxide with water , this is because hydrogen is a really strong solution.

For machine wash :
  • Add two aspirins in the water. Make sure the machine is at least half way full. Aspirin contains Acetysalicylic Acid. This acid creates a sort of counter reaction with the perspiration stain and eliminates it.

Building Your Wardrobe : The Bare Essentials

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
We each have our own unique style. Therefore , there are so many pieces that every girl will want to have in her wardrobe. Building a wardrobe can prove to be quite a challenge, one which should not be undertaken in a day or even a week. When building a house , the builders usually start with a foundation, when building a wardrobe , we start with the "basics". However , "basics don't have to be that basic". Building a wardrobe is an ongoing "process". We are constantly buying items to fill that space. Careful planning should be administered when purchasing your wardrobe basics.

Here are a few key pieces to help you build your wardrobe.

The Little Black Dress (L.B.D) "Scheherazade is easy , a little Black dress is difficult"- Coco Chanel. Whether yours is strapless, backless or cold shoulder, the little black dress is used to signify the ultimate combination of desire and comfort, elegance and restraint, naturalness and fantasy. The LBD is extremely versatile. Its feel and style can be transformed in an instance by adding accessories :-) It was in 1954 that the LBD became popular when Hubert de Givenchys' new collection ( which included the LBD)  was worn by Audrey Hepburn in the film " Sabrina" and again in 1961 in Blake Edwards's film adaptation of "Breakfast at Tiffanys" The little black dress has  maintained its relevance for decades.

Denim is mandatory for every wardrobe . This should be your staple item even before you think of buying anaything else. Make sure you invest in a good pair of high quality jeans that fits your specific body type. If you are petite like me .. a few extra bucks won't hurt. Chances are , alterations will need to be done. Don't mind this. The whole point is to find jeans that fit YOU , not a mannequin. A pair of dark wash jeans is more versatile and it also looks fancier.

Collared Button Downs

This is a timeless classic piece. It would be safer to stick to the solid colors for right now since you are building your wardrobe. The patterns and prints can come later. Black and white will do just fine for now. The white blouse can be light and floating, impeccable and austere, sumptuous and all-enveloping. It rises up to frame the face. It sculpts the body by transforming itself into a second skin. Imbued with glamour and posting, freedom and impetuousness, the prim white shirt has a thousand identities :-)


Typically , skirts are not an item of things to get on most peoples' list. One might be thinking " why would i want to get a skirt when it basically does the same thing as a dress". In my opinion, it adds that touch of feminity to your outfit. It is also hepls to pull an outfit together and it also makes the outfit more "polished". Skirts can also be versatile. You can add killer heels to create that nightime look , or you can go casual by adding a pair of ballet flats or really cool slippers.


These are great for layering and can be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorise :-) This may not be classified as a "stand out piece" in your closet. This would more be classified as the glue that holds them together. The tee is one of my very own "go to pieces". I especially love the cotton ones whether round neck or v-neck. I try to get them in every colour just so i can have more options .

Blazer / Jacket

Every girl needs a well tailored jacket or blazer in her closet. The boring old work style blazer has been revamped to fit the stylish needs of our generation. Blazers and jackets will typically go well with skinny jeans and heels. These can also be used to make an outfit more polished and clean. The blazer or jacket can give you many looks. From day to night , dressy to casual and the list goes on.


Their is nothing like a sexy pair of heels to kick of any outfit. I would suggest getting real leather pumps just because you will get more out of it. Of course , this will be a little expensive , but as i always say " it will be a good little investment". Would you rather buy  a cheap pair of shoes that looks really nice and you only get approximately get 3 wears out of it , or would you rather spend a little extra on good quality shoes that may last youup to a lifetime? I would take option 2 ( thats just me).

Nail Trends

Thursday, August 25, 2011
As women it is our divine right to treat ourselves to at least one thing dedicated to the beautification of ourselves :-) Many women choose nails. I am sorry to say i am not a "nails" fan. I hate false nails. I have ten fingers with ten fingernails ( im just saying). However, i like seeing them ( not the claw like ones). This season i saw some really fun, cool ones that i really liked.

  1. Ombre Nails: This trend emerged in the spring of 2011 and has kept its place until summer. This trend involves using various shades of a particular color to go from light to dark or vice versa. There are two ways to do this: different shades of the same color can be bought. ( expensive)  OR you can simply buy your color , then buy a black and white nail polish and add your desired amount depending on how dark or light you wanna go. I really like method two.

 2. Metallics : The name says it all! this trend is simply electrifying. Metallics come in two popular colors , gold and silver. This look is simple yet fun and edgy. If you are a bold trendy chick, you will love these colors.  Metallic colors are on the expensive side, so be prepared to dish out a few extra bucks.

3. Half Moon Manicure: I would say this is a rather interesting trend. I had to ask a professional nail technician how this is done.Firstly, a base coat is applied to the nails ( whether its your actual nails or fake ones). Base coat can be the color of your choice. Wait for this to dry properly. Sticker adhesives with little holes cut out are applied to the base of the nails ( this will give it that "moon-y" effect). After the adhesives have been applied, start painting a second contrasting color. Make sure there is a clean contrasting line of color by painting around and on top of the sticker edges. Finally, remove the stickers and you should have your half moon manicure.

4. Leopard. Yup, this trend has still been going strong. Instead of using a black or white base coat, i find that more bright, bold summery colors are used. I like this to make a simple outfit "pop". However , if your outfit speaks for itself , your nails should be "quiet" # i'm just saying#.

 I'm pretty sure there are tons of nail trends available now. However, these are the most common or popular ones.

Remember:  " Cool is elusive and yet never to be chased".

Shopping Tips

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
We all shop! Whether its for clothes or groceries. You DO NOT have to be a fashionista to shop. With that being said, I've come up with a list of tips and tricks to get the most out of your shopping experience.
  • Be sure to have a pre-prepared list of all the items you think you might NEED. Shopping without a list is like cooking without a recipe! D-I-A-S-T-R-O-U-S. In these economic times , a list is essential.
  • Pre-shop : So you've made your list , now its time to see which stores have the items you need in stock.You also get to see which store has the best deals. Its crazy to run around like a headless chicken not knowing where things are. Take my advice and PRE-SHOP! Designate a few hours even.

  • Set a budget! AS i said, times are tough. You will always work out better when you have a set amount of money in mind to spend. 
  • Wear comfortable, sensible clothing. Try to stay away from layered pieces. Remember , you will be trying on tons of clothes. Jeans and a top will do fine, or a nice dress. "Easy Off".
  • Be sure to carefully inspect your garments. ( It is your right  as consumer to receive quality goods)
  • Do NOT shoplift! That is a crime and you will get caught
  • Do NOT dress like a homeless person ( you will be followed).
  • Do NOT get doubles! Juts because something looks good. It dosn't mean you have to get its twin. ( i'm just saying)
Remember : " A well dressed woman with nothing to say is just a mannequin with DNA".

How to .. Make a Fringe Scarf from an Old T-shirt

Monday, August 22, 2011
How to .. Make a Fringe Scarf from an Old T-shirt
You will Need :


An Old T-Shirt
A sharp pair of scissors
1. Cut a Straight line just below the arm pit line.


2. Make “strip like” cuts at the raw edge , ( not the part with the hem). Cut from the line that was left after you did the first cut.


3. Pull on the strips that were cut ( yank on those suckers really hard). Be sure to stretch them down as far as you can. This will create that “fringe” effect.


4. Style it! This can be worn with your favourite tee or tank. And best of all .. its unisex :-)



This is a fun , cool and fashionable way of turning something old into something new.

Workin' It !!

Soo , you’ve finally landed that “dream job” or a job nonetheless :-). Chances are you might be thinking .. what am i going to wear? If you are like me and fresh off the “University train”, chances are your wardrobe mainly consists of jeans , tees and flip flops. This is NOT work wear ( obviously). Have no fear ! I am here to help you look your best. The main thing you should invest in when you have a tight budget is a woman’s business suit , this can either be in pants or skirt , if you have enough money, it would be wiser to get both. The suit consists of two major pieces. The pants/skirt and a jacket or blazer. Please note this should be in neutral colours ( black , gray or brown) . With this ,the possibilities are endless. You can buy layering pieces such as tanks, camisoles and also button down dress shirts. To the outside world , it would seem like you have a million pieces , and nobody will ever know that you simply have one suit ( clever isn’t it?).



A pair of black heels are mandatory. Please try to stay away from suede or patent leather. A pair of leather shoes will work best.
A pair of flats are also mandatory. Also, stay away from those extreme ballet flats with the elastic around the sides and the huge bows on the front. If your budget allows it , get a pair of brown shoes as well. As it relates to shoes , there is an important rule to follow. If the front is open ( peep toe) the back must be closed and vice versa. Remember , there are certain rules which one must adhere to in the working world. A great invest would also be doctor scholls “for her” gel inserts. Sometimes all that walking from floor to floor can really take a toll on your feet, sometimes resulting in corns, bunions and even callouses ( nobody wants those). A cheaper alternative would be “stocking socks”. These can be found in any shoes store. Sometimes you can even get them free , once you are trying on shoes :-)



Generally , work handbags shoes be medium sized and simple yet fashionable. The over sized handbags are really cool , but they are not for work , neither are clutches. Please, Please stay away from bags that have excessive “hardware”. Bags that have rhinestones and metals. Not appropriate for work.


(this bag is from miu miu)


Work accessories are sooo much fun to work with. There are so many options. However , less is always more. Do not wear combination pieces. For example , if your are wearing a statement necklace , do not wear drop earrings.  Also , your jewellery should not be “loud”. Bangles should not be “clanking” neither should necklaces. The possibilities are endless with work accessories. There are scarves, belts, necklaces , earrings , rings and the list goes on.


 Here are some fun ways to make your look “pop” at work.

Look 1: Ruffle dress, worn with skinny belt and paired with a black boyfriend jacket , with a red handbag, and colour block pointed shoes.

Look 2: Grey pants suit , with a white button down shirt ,with a small statement necklace.


Look 3: Business suit ( skirt) in black and beige, with a plaid ruffle top, small hoop earrings and a watch.


Remember : “Style has no price tag , those who have it , make the low look high, and the high look cool”

Beauty Haul/ Review

I’ve always seen people doing beauty hauls/reviews on youtube etc and i thought this would be sooo cool to do my own little beauty haul:-). With that said , i went out and bought some products to show on here. So here i go :-)
The first thing on my list was :
IMAN foundation
This foundation is really auh mazing! It goes from cream to powder and it is extremely lightweight. Usually, when i wear foundation, it feels really heavy and bulky on my skin and it usually “melts” away. IMAN , stays in place for up to 8 hours. The makeup sponge is really smooth and you can tell it is of high quality just by the texture. For greater coverage, use a makeup brush to apply. It also comes in a really cute little package and i love the fact that unlike most makeup foundations, it comes with directions. ( Not everyone is a professional make-up artist). There is only one small negative thing about this product: it is really expensive. It retails from $2800 - $3000. However , i think its a great investment. I bout mine at Body Accents , they will match the colour for you :-)


OMG! another auh mazing product. I usually don’t like Black Opal Products, but this one works really well.It works as both a concealer and foundation. It comes in a really small tube with  a small sponge applicator right at the base which can be used to apply it directly to the skin or you can also use your finger tips. I like the fact that it is lightly scented. My shade is nutmeg and it has a light nutmeg smell. The only problem is that it is not long lasting, it tends to melt away if you are in extreme humid conditions. This is reasonably priced , it retails for $1270. For best results, use a small amount, its really potent, a little goes a long way.


I am not a fan of lip gloss , but i like the longevity of this product as well as the taste. It has a really fresh taste of Cranberry. It is also on the expensive side. It retails for $845 and it comes in a really small tube:-(


Can you say “Good Deal”? This deal is a 4 for 1. There is one large foundation brush, and 3 other small make up brushes. Here’s the cool part: The large brush has an opening at the base and the smaller brushes fit neatly inside. You will have all your brushes in one place and it also saves space :-) I really love the way these brushes are packaged. If you are just starting out with makeup, i recommend getting these brushes. They are inexpensive and they are of good quality. These were only $240 at Sharells.


If you are a girly-girl who loves glitter and pink, you will love this product. It is light pink, goes on clear and has glitter as well as stars and moons in it :-) literally! The best part is that this product was on sale. It was only $135.


I love scented nail polish remover, i have asthma so i can’t really handle the smell of the regular ones. It has been awhile since I’ve seen scented nail polish remover in Jamaica, so i had to grab it ( i also needed something to remove all that glitter from my nails , apparently , it is not “suited” for work). Anyway , it was only $160 , its like only $5 cheaper than the regular ones. Oh! It was in lavender :-)


This is the brand i swear to. I love my cover girl queen. It give great coverage, and it is also long lasting. This one will last up to 8 hours! I started using this product last summer and i have been using it ever since. It is a bit on the expensive side . It retails anywhere between $1835 to $2000. I think its worth it. Its a great little investment.


How to ... make a statement necklace from fabric

Statement necklaces are all the rage these days. What is a statement necklace?  A statement necklace is a BIG bold necklace that basically speaks for itself.  It makes a “statement” and is usually worn alone without other pieces. I find that these are really expensive. So being the “queen of frugal”, i found a great way to still be a part of this trend without breaking the bank and still looking fashionable:-)

You will need :
  • Ribbon
  • Scraps Of Fabric
  • Scissors

Step 1 : Cut up scraps of fabric in oblong shapes about 2 inches.


Step 2 : Cut tiny holes into the tops of the scraps of fabric


Step 3: Attach the scraps of fabric to the ribbon ( make sure to line up the ribbon so that it is of equal length). This will make the necklace look more realistic , also it would look pretty weird if one length was short and the other was long. After you’ve attached a desired amount of fabric , tie knots just in the middle of the pieces you’ve attached at both ends. This will keep the fabric in place , and you will be able to add more pieces.


Step 4: Attach all the final pieces , style and go!



 I hope that i have inspired at least One person to go out and be creative.