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Monday, August 22, 2011

Soo , you’ve finally landed that “dream job” or a job nonetheless :-). Chances are you might be thinking .. what am i going to wear? If you are like me and fresh off the “University train”, chances are your wardrobe mainly consists of jeans , tees and flip flops. This is NOT work wear ( obviously). Have no fear ! I am here to help you look your best. The main thing you should invest in when you have a tight budget is a woman’s business suit , this can either be in pants or skirt , if you have enough money, it would be wiser to get both. The suit consists of two major pieces. The pants/skirt and a jacket or blazer. Please note this should be in neutral colours ( black , gray or brown) . With this ,the possibilities are endless. You can buy layering pieces such as tanks, camisoles and also button down dress shirts. To the outside world , it would seem like you have a million pieces , and nobody will ever know that you simply have one suit ( clever isn’t it?).



A pair of black heels are mandatory. Please try to stay away from suede or patent leather. A pair of leather shoes will work best.
A pair of flats are also mandatory. Also, stay away from those extreme ballet flats with the elastic around the sides and the huge bows on the front. If your budget allows it , get a pair of brown shoes as well. As it relates to shoes , there is an important rule to follow. If the front is open ( peep toe) the back must be closed and vice versa. Remember , there are certain rules which one must adhere to in the working world. A great invest would also be doctor scholls “for her” gel inserts. Sometimes all that walking from floor to floor can really take a toll on your feet, sometimes resulting in corns, bunions and even callouses ( nobody wants those). A cheaper alternative would be “stocking socks”. These can be found in any shoes store. Sometimes you can even get them free , once you are trying on shoes :-)



Generally , work handbags shoes be medium sized and simple yet fashionable. The over sized handbags are really cool , but they are not for work , neither are clutches. Please, Please stay away from bags that have excessive “hardware”. Bags that have rhinestones and metals. Not appropriate for work.


(this bag is from miu miu)


Work accessories are sooo much fun to work with. There are so many options. However , less is always more. Do not wear combination pieces. For example , if your are wearing a statement necklace , do not wear drop earrings.  Also , your jewellery should not be “loud”. Bangles should not be “clanking” neither should necklaces. The possibilities are endless with work accessories. There are scarves, belts, necklaces , earrings , rings and the list goes on.


 Here are some fun ways to make your look “pop” at work.

Look 1: Ruffle dress, worn with skinny belt and paired with a black boyfriend jacket , with a red handbag, and colour block pointed shoes.

Look 2: Grey pants suit , with a white button down shirt ,with a small statement necklace.


Look 3: Business suit ( skirt) in black and beige, with a plaid ruffle top, small hoop earrings and a watch.


Remember : “Style has no price tag , those who have it , make the low look high, and the high look cool”

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